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Are you a savvy shopper? Do you clip coupons every Sunday morning, or read shopping blogs drooling over next year’s Black Friday deals in the summer? Can you make the art of the deal into a science? Shop Smart Magazine is the site for you! We’ve got deals, business listings, shopping articles, coupons and more to make your next shopping trip smarter than ever.

Shopping Online is Better With Tips and Advice

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If you want to shop smart online, then it is important to take advantage of resources like Consumer Reports. Did you know that they have their own smart shopping magazine? Unsurprisingly, it is called Shop Smart magazine and you get it on newsstands, or online in an abridged version. There are five big ways that this magazine can help you save money, find what you need, and stay informed.

  • Money and Shopping
  • In the first quarter of 2012, more than $50 billion was spent in the United States for online sales alone, according to the U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, and ComScore. About 73% of people indicated that their reason to shop online was for the time saving benefits, but others also enjoyed the variety, ease of comparing prices, and the lack of crowds. Wha Continue reading

Secrets of Smart Online Shopping

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In 2010, ecommerce sales amounted to 572.5 billion dollars; and at the end of 2013, the total amount of ecommerce sales had risen to 820.5 million dollars. According to CPC Strategy, economists predict that ecommerce sales will surpass 1.4 trillion dollars by 2016. This means that people who do not shop online will not only become the minority, but they will be missing out the shopping benefits that brick and mortar stores simply cannot offer.

The reasons that so many Americans are opting to shop online can be attributed to more than greater convenience and better deals. Shop Smart Magazines claim that shopping online is faster, offers wider selections, requires less tax, and saves gas. Of course, you cannot forget how much more pleasant it is to shop without the crowds, especially as the ho Continue reading

When Looking for the Best Deals and Best Products, Trust Consumer Reports

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Buyers Remorse. That terrible condition when you kick yourself, repeating Why did I buy this, Why did I buy this? I should have gotten the other one. It is all too common a phenomenon. That being said, most people do not spend a whole lot of time, if any, researching their products prior to purchase. Yet 20 minutes looking online can help you to make up your mind. Another resource, one more trusty than some random blog, comes in the form of a Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine subscription.

Your Shop Smart magazine subscription can be for the actual, physical issues, delivered to your door every other month, or it can provide access to the digital copy of Shop Smart online. One of the best parts about having the online subscription is that you are not tethered to accessing it from just your home computer Continue reading

Have Your Baby Rattles Been Recalled? Three Updates from Smart Shop Magazine

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We all want to be smart about the goods we buy on a daily basis. We want quality at a fair price, and we want products that will not break down right after we buy them. Consumer Reports is a magazine that has helped American consumers by offering comparisons and reviews of products since 1936.

Shop Smart magazine is an additional guide offered by Consumer Reports that focuses on delivering review information in a more reader friendly way. Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine is also easier to view on a mobile device. Here are three things the magazine is talking about this week, that might surprise you.

1. Over 50,000 baby rattles sold at stores nationwide have been recalled. Sold by Fred and Friends, these rattles can potentially fall apart, releasing small pieces that are a choking Continue reading

Benefits of Magazines that Teach You to Shop Smart

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With all the information made available on the web, and the number of retailers competing for your business, it can be confusing to find the best deals on the web. The good news is there are ways to shop smarter by finding the right information. For example, a shop smart magazine will teach you simple tips on how to save money on products and services online, or at your local store. Finding smart shopping magazines is simple by using your favorite search engine. You can also use social media sites and blogs to see what other people have to say about a particular shop smart magazine subscription.

People subscribing to a shop smart magazine will find discounts and coupons that would otherwise be difficult to find. Therefore, subscribers have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest deals made available by retailers and other businesses online. In addition to discounts and coupons, smart shop magazine provides reviews on products and services. Consumer reports are especially important to those who are looking for the best deals online, or even offline. One of the benefits associated with subscribing to online magazines is the ability to use your mobile device to read consume reports and information about discounts currently available.

A shop smart magazine will provide information about money and shopping, as well as health and safety tips. You can find deals on food, drinks, beauty, fashion, home and garden. Some issues of a shop smart magazine will provide information on how to take advantage of freebies that are available. You will even learn about the best mortgage deals that are available, as well as the best interest rates on credit cards and loans. As you can see, there are various reasons why people subscribe to smart shopping magazines. Surviving today’s economy requires people to be innovative and educated.

That Mail in Your Post Office Box

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There are a lot of consumer oriented magazines which are, no doubt, showing up in your mailbox every morning. Some of these shop smart magazines come with glossy titles and covers, and a shop smart magazine subscription can be one of the best ways for people to get to know the products that are in the marketplace.

Nonetheless, consumer reports shop smart magazines are not the only means by which people learn about new products that are entering the marketplace. A lot of people are more likely to use the internet or other services. Smart shop magazines are sometimes given out for free, but that means that people will often tend to value them much less than other magazines.

They also will frequently include updates on the latest consumer items that are available in the marketplace. Nonetheless, people should consider all products carefully and decide whether these are the products that they really want or need. The best products on the marketplace are those which provide people with a quality item that falls within their price range.

Of course, shop smart magazines are typically not oriented toward clothing or other items, which have an identity that makes them more fashionable as they grow more expensive. Rather, they are oriented toward the items that are more affordable at reasonable prices. It is for this reason that people will probably continue to look for the best services available in the future, but they will not look for these services from just anywhere.

Smart shopping is a complicated procedure, and it is for this reason that people will continue to look for the reports that can help them shop as effectively as possible. A smart shopping magazine can bring people along toward that goal.

Tips on How to Shop Smarter

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It is common for people today to take every precaution to save money. The increasing cost of living and slow moving economy is forcing people to change the way they shop online and offline. Bloggers often share their secrets on how they save money while shopping online. You can learn how to shop smart online by using the resources that are available on the web. Some of the money saving tips you will help you shop smarter offline as well. One great resource you can use to learn how to save money while shopping is a shop smart mag. A shop smart magazine includes a plethora of information and tips for shoppers.

One tip that a shop smart mag provides is shopping at local farmer’s marketers. Farmer’s markets sell produce at competitive prices. Furthermore, the foods you will find at a farmer’s market contain less preservatives and pesticides than food at a major grocery store. While attending a farmer’s market, you will learn how to cook and prepare special meals. Spending your hard earned cash locally is an excellent way to stimulate the local economy. Communities are able to thrive better if people spend their money locally. A shop smart magazine subscription will give you up to date information on how to shop smarter every single month.

A smart shop magazine will also teach you how to save money on makeup, even on major store brands. In fact, it is common for a shop smart mag to hire secret shoppers to compare prices between stores. You can find out which stores provide the best prices on services and products by spending time reading a smart shopping magazine. By subscribing to a shop smart mag, you can find out where the best coupons and discounts are available. Finally, you can even find information about smart phone applications that will help you save money while you are shopping.

How Smart Shop Magazine Improves The Consumer Experience

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Consumer Reports has long served its market well, offering consumers the most ideal products that are very carefully researched and that are presented to demonstrate their worth. As such, Consumer reports shop smart magazine is taking this concept an even bigger step further, breaking down these products into various categories and showing the masses which perform the best and which should stay on the proverbial shelves. There are myriad ways Shop Smart magazine does this without sacrificing any of its top notch quality.

First, Smart Shop magazine has the backers of Consumer Reports on its side. There are employees who work for both Smart Shop magazine and for the Consumer Reports publications that have been produced for ages, and a lot of information sharing occurs across these two areas. These reporters, writers and product researchers use their various forms of expertise to share their insights and to help produce a top quality publication that consumers tend to devour.

Second, Smart Shop magazine has the industry experience required to be an authority on consumer product choices and on the services that are largely available today. This smart shopping magazine is mostly concerned with improving the buying habits of consumers by showing them tricks of the trade and tips they can find useful as they browse for products online or in stores. This whole idea behind making consumers smarter helps bring our level of consumerism to new heights, allowing us as consumers to reach deeper and to really find those great deals.

Third, Smart Shop magazine has useful tools in every aspect of consumerism, from tips on purchasing large screen televisions to helpful ideas for improving the look of home interiors to general advice on when to hit up an urgent care center and when to head to the emergency room. In essence, this Smart Shop magazine serves all markets at all times, being everything to everyone and giving off useful hints and tips at every turn.

Fourth, Smart Shop magazine is very interactive, with Shop smart online taking up most of users’ time these days. These useful articles, some of which appear in print and others of which are very new and only specific to the web, help people make smarter decisions about their virtual shopping experiences. So in an odd way, a Shop Smart magazine subscription can make for a much smarter and more savvy consumer, one who more fully gets the online and traditional marketplaces.

Using a Shopper Magazine

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If you want to find the very best deals out there, then you should pick up your local smart shopping magazine before heading out the door to do your shopping! Often that shop smart mag can get you some savings you were not going to find anywhere else. The smart shopping magazine has been around for a long time, and a lot of locals will go straight to it before anywhere else when they are trying to find the very best deals from their local vendors. This is often also the best place for local vendors to look for a shop smart magazine subscription as well for marketing their goods and services to the local community. Many consumer reports shop smart magazine specialists will tell that the best way for someone to get a fast return on their investment for their advertising dollars is to invest in getting themselves seen in the smart shopping magazine. Given that the shop smart magazine is the way to go for so many businesses and consumers alike, the are saying that you would almost have to be crazy to think that anything other than a smart shopping magazine is going to bring you great coverage and direct response results from your local community at large.

If you want a smart shop magazine, then it is to your advantage that you at least look into what the smart shopping magazine is offering and what you can get out of it. This goes for the consumer that is about to go shopping, and this also applies to the advertiser that is trying to decide the best way to spend their marketing dollars. Many people have found that the smart shopping magazine has helped them with both saving money on advertising costs and by getting them the return for investment that they need and deserve.