Why Etched Stones Make a Great Gift

Custom engraved stones

Are you looking for a truly unique housewarming present, trophy, or pet memorial? Consider custom engraved stones, or etched stones. These etched stones are unique because they bear a message that is literally set in stone. As we shall see, etched stones can keep their message for many millennia. They are a better marker of the passage of our transient souls than any other marker out there.

Such etched stones have been popular even before human civilization rose. An etched stone was found that dates back 100,000 years, consisting of 23 lines. Petroglyphs, a type of etched stones popular in ancient Australia, are as old as 27,000 years. Think of how long your message can last.

Such etched stones can serve a variety of purposes. Some stones are purely decorative in nature, such as garden stones or welcome stones. Other stones serve as doorstops or paperweights. No matter what their use is, stones with custom engraving are a sincere sign of communication.

The next time you want to give a unique gift, consider etched stones. These stones last for many generations, and are a great novelty. Just be careful what you write on them, for it will last many millennia.

How to Give Out a Unique Wedding Gift

Garden art ideas

There are many people who might wonder why anyone would want to give anyone else an engraved stone as a gift. One of the reasons is because it is impervious to the elements. This is why there is every kind of custom engraved stones ranging from anniversary stones to dog memorial stones. Sand and abrasive blasting are some of the common ways of engraving and lettering.

This does not mean that all engravings are elegant. The first engraved stone yet discovered depicted a stick figure man with an oversized phallus. But stones can also serve as welcome signs or garden decorations. They can also serve as unique wedding gifts. Pet rocks were invented in the 1970s as a plan of an advertising executive who had heard to many people complain of the high maintenance of their pets.

These became less popular after people found out it was fairly easy to go out and trap a rock in the wild, but rocks with engravings can still make unique wedding gifts. Rock engraving is a developed skill and it is for this reason that unique wedding gifts can go a long way toward providing something which will last and something people will like. Get more info here.