Sustainable Furniture Are Gaining Popularity

Kids dresser

When you consider the fact that average living room in the United States costs over $3,000 to furnish, but each year, Americans buy 16.5 million chairs, then you’ll see understand exactly how much Americans love to furnish their homes. However, as environmental issues such as climate change grow heavier on the country’s conscience, they’re looking for more sustainable ways to furnish their homes.

Although the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that cooking only accounts for 4.5% of home energy usage, it’s still a sizable chunk that could easily be trimmed by switching from GE electric cooktops to GE gas cooktops. GE gas cooktops are more sustainable because they heat up instantly, whereas electric cooktops require more energy to get hot. This means that there’s less cooking time, and less energy consumption. Pl Continue reading