Your Dream Career Could Be Hanging From Your Face

Learn how to body pierce

If you keep up with current fashion trends, then you’ve surely noticed that we are in the golden age of body piercing. Don’t believe me? Consider the statistics: 83% of Americans have pierced ears, and 14% have a piercing on a body part other than the ear. This trend continues to gain ground with younger Americans, too: as many as 27% of high school students in America have a body piercing.
Among the most popular types of body piercings are nipples and eyebrows for men, and navel and nose for women.

You might be asking yourself: “what does this body piercing trend have to do with me?” Well, if you have a passion for piercing or are looking for a rewarding, fast-paced career that doesn’t put you in a box, then now is a great time to learn how to body pierce. Keep reading for some tips on how to Continue reading