Why Every Single Bride and Groom to be Should be Renting Specialty Linens for Their Big Day

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Everything is so expensive nowadays — like really, really, really expensive. Like, astronomically expensive. Like, so expensive you wish your turn up game wasn’t so strong last weekend (turn down for what — your finances, duh). Like, so expensive you have decide between buying a six pack of avocados and putting gas in your car. Like, so expensive you want to cry. Like, so expensive your student loan company practically owns your life for the next five decades. Like, so expensive that your debit card is beginning to feel like a gift card — you’re not sure how much is on it, but hey, give it a try anyway. Whatever the case may be, the point remains that modern day life is really expensive.

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What Every Bride and Groom to Be Should Know About Table and Chair Cover Rentals for Weddings

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When it comes to getting married and planning a wedding, the easiest part is saying those magical two words of confirmation in response to a proposal. The hardest part, on the other hand, is actually planning every single detail of the wedding day and ceremony itself. This in itself is a full time job! From deciding who’s going to be invited, who can and can’t sit next to each other, creating a theme, finding a venue, finding the right dress, choosing the bridal party, creating a budget, choosing the right location if it’s a destination wedding, finding a hair stylist and make up artist for the bride, to creating a menu, tasting wedding cake, finding a caterer, and so, so much more, it’s easy to see how brides and grooms to be can become overwhelmed.

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How to Make Planning is Painless as Possible Thanks to Rental Wedding Tablecloths

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With how much planning goes into a wedding, you might think the even went on for days. But no, that is just how important wedding days are to most couples.

The planning process can be exhausting. Handling everything from the invitation design and the venue, to music, and wedding tablecloths, the list seems endless. Not to mention that everything together can add up to be a pretty large chunk of change.

A Real Weddings Survey which polled 18,000 couples in the Untied states who had gotten married in 2011, found that the national average cost of a wedding came out to be about $26,984. Just the average amount spend per each wedding guest according to another survey from 2013 was around $196.

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