Beauty Supply Stores in Decatur GA Help you Feel as Beautiful as you Look

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The giant of beauty supply manufacturers, Avon has always been headquartered in New York, but it was originally called the California Perfume Company. California has always been the beacon of beauty, and that mentality has made its way eastward and south bound into beauty supply stores Decatur GA; in fact, Avon became one of the official Olympic sponsors of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. These days, beauty is everything; beauty and jewelry sales made up 19.4 percent of all US sales in 2010. When it was not so common to see a woman professional, Avon offered women a way to earn their own income in beauty supply stores in Decatur GA by being an Avon representative in their free time while raising a family. Avon products, along with all other cosmetic favorites can be found in most beauty supply stores in Decatur GA.

Avon is one of a few companies that have made the list of the Fortune 500 every year since the lists first publication and Avon Atlanta has been keeping Georgia beautiful just as long. Beauty supply stores in decatur ga have everything you need to keep yourself glamourous and powerful. Beauty supply stores in Georgia supply so much more than beauty; they supply self esteem, a way to feel amazing when you look in the mirror. Feel as amazing as you look after a trip to one of the many beauty supply stores in decatur ga.