Why Steel Toe Boots are More Important Than You Think

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There are many different kinds of work. Some people sit behind a desk in an office or the steering wheel of a bus, others stand in front of a classroom or weave in and out of tables to bring serve food and drinks. But no matter what the occupation, one of the most important factors that everyone needs to pay attention to is the health of their feet. It may not be the first thing that you think of when you get a new job, but if your first day finds you on your feet enough, or even if you realize, a few hours in that you have made a poor choice in footwear, it is an issue that quickly comes to the forefront.

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Prevent Foot Injuries–Get the Best Combat Boots for the Job

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Have you been unable to do your job because of a foot or toe injury? The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that on average, toe and foot injuries cause employees to miss a week of work.

Many of these injuries may have been preventable. A foot injury study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 75% of the sustained injuries were due to non-compliance. In other words, the employees that sustained injuries weren’t wearing proper footgear.

The report also indicates that only 23% of the injured individuals were wearing safety boots or shoes. Given the 85% that were wearing safety boots and shoes, these individuals were injured due to an object landing on or striking unprotected areas.

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How to Pick the Best Boots For Your Job

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When it comes to your job, there is no room for error or any circumstances that could lead to error. This includes pain and discomfort, and goes triple for jobs like police work, construction work, and other occupations where people’s lives or a building’s integrity is on the line.

And the place where comfort and effectiveness most matters — your feet. There is nothing worse than having your feet in pain or discomfort, especially when you have to be on them for extended periods of time. That’s why there are steel toe boots, waterproof boots, and side zip technology available so that your work boots can keep up with your long hours and the strains of your occupation, ultimately to protect your feet.

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