Sustainable Furniture Are Gaining Popularity

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When you consider the fact that average living room in the United States costs over $3,000 to furnish, but each year, Americans buy 16.5 million chairs, then you’ll see understand exactly how much Americans love to furnish their homes. However, as environmental issues such as climate change grow heavier on the country’s conscience, they’re looking for more sustainable ways to furnish their homes.

Although the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that cooking only accounts for 4.5% of home energy usage, it’s still a sizable chunk that could easily be trimmed by switching from GE electric cooktops to GE gas cooktops. GE gas cooktops are more sustainable because they heat up instantly, whereas electric cooktops require more energy to get hot. This means that there’s less cooking time, and less energy consumption. Plus, using GE gas cooktops can money with a lower energy bill. After all, the average electric oven in the U.S. costs an estimated $134 every year in energy.

The materials used to construct furniture can also be sustainable. Fiberglass is one popularly sustainable material to make furniture with, and has been since 1950. According to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the composition of fiberglass is known for its very low embodied energy, which is the total energy required to produce a product from the raw materials stage. Wooden furniture is also sustainable because it leaves the owner the ability to stain, or re-finish it whenever they would like. Wood is also a renewable resource, and can also recycle wood!

GE gas cooktops will lower the cost of your energy bill. Sustainable furniture and energy efficiency are the way of the future for home furnishing. GE cooktops, GE ovens and Ge dishwashers are all great products that can help reduce humanity’s impact on the environment. If you have any questions about energy efficient, sustainable products, like GE gas cooktops, feel free to ask in the comments! Find out more about this topic here.

Secrets of Smart Online Shopping

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In 2010, ecommerce sales amounted to 572.5 billion dollars; and at the end of 2013, the total amount of ecommerce sales had risen to 820.5 million dollars. According to CPC Strategy, economists predict that ecommerce sales will surpass 1.4 trillion dollars by 2016. This means that people who do not shop online will not only become the minority, but they will be missing out the shopping benefits that brick and mortar stores simply cannot offer.

The reasons that so many Americans are opting to shop online can be attributed to more than greater convenience and better deals. Shop Smart Magazines claim that shopping online is faster, offers wider selections, requires less tax, and saves gas. Of course, you cannot forget how much more pleasant it is to shop without the crowds, especially as the holiday season begins to sneak up on us.

While there are tons of deals to be found online, locating them can be a time consuming process. A Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine subscription can offer to shoppers helpful shopping tips that will make finding the lowest prices on consumer products faster and easier. Additionally, smart shop magazine features a varied selection of articles and columns that offer practical advice on a wide range of online shopping topics.

Among the subjects covered in recent editions of smart shop magazine are online negotiating tips, buying healthy food online, returning and exchanging online purchases, seasonal retail forecasts, and critical consumer product recalls. Whatever needs and interests of individual shoppers, each one will find something relevant to his or her shopping intentions.

The overarching goal of Shop Smart magazine is to assist online shoppers in any way possible. This means more than finding the lowest prices, but also includes tips for safe online shopping, amending problem purchases, and avoiding questionable products and purchasing the most reliable ones. The bottom line is that Shop Smart magazine offers all of the information and advice to help shoppers make the wisest shopping decisions possible.


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