Get a Look That Does Not Fade or Crease with These Four Beauty Products

Powder foundations

Did you know that 33% of women will not leave the house unless they have makeup on? For many of us, makeup is how we define ourselves, and leaving the house without it can feel the same as going commando. It is not always comfortable or ideal. Sometimes the problem even when we get makeup on is that it fades fast and leaves us with awkward looking lines or creases. Here are four products we recommend for having a look that lasts all day.

1. Shadow Primer

When I was in high school, I had to try and get into the bathroom between classes so that I could reapply my quickly quickly creasing and disappearing eyeshadow. If only I had known about primer! Eyeshadow primer provides an easy base for your shadow to stick to. It will last longer, crease less, apply more smoothly, and color will be in Continue reading

When Looking for the Best Deals and Best Products, Trust Consumer Reports

Shop smart online

Buyers Remorse. That terrible condition when you kick yourself, repeating Why did I buy this, Why did I buy this? I should have gotten the other one. It is all too common a phenomenon. That being said, most people do not spend a whole lot of time, if any, researching their products prior to purchase. Yet 20 minutes looking online can help you to make up your mind. Another resource, one more trusty than some random blog, comes in the form of a Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine subscription.

Your Shop Smart magazine subscription can be for the actual, physical issues, delivered to your door every other month, or it can provide access to the digital copy of Shop Smart online. One of the best parts about having the online subscription is that you are not tethered to accessing it from just your home computer Continue reading