When Looking for the Best Deals and Best Products, Trust Consumer Reports

By | August 14, 2013

Shop smart online

Buyers Remorse. That terrible condition when you kick yourself, repeating Why did I buy this, Why did I buy this? I should have gotten the other one. It is all too common a phenomenon. That being said, most people do not spend a whole lot of time, if any, researching their products prior to purchase. Yet 20 minutes looking online can help you to make up your mind. Another resource, one more trusty than some random blog, comes in the form of a Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine subscription.

Your Shop Smart magazine subscription can be for the actual, physical issues, delivered to your door every other month, or it can provide access to the digital copy of Shop Smart online. One of the best parts about having the online subscription is that you are not tethered to accessing it from just your home computer or laptop. It is actually readable right off of your e reader or tablet as well. You get the magazine size, without the magazine waste.

So why should you subscribe to Shop Smart? We all know that Consumer Reports does the best job of comparing and reviewing products, so that you can access all of the information in one convenient location when researching your new buy. We want to avoid that buyers remorse, after all. But Shop Smart takes your buying experience a step further. Just looking at the front page to the site right now, I can already tell that I want to read virtually every article on here.

The Best Places for Kids To Eat Free. Yes. Everyone can use that information, and how handy to have it all in one article.

Make Sure Your Farmers Market Food Is Safe. We are still in farm market season, and how can we completely trust everything at those markets? This article has some helpful tips to recognizing fresh and foul produce and more.

Recalls. Everyone should know about these. Frankly, recalls should be national news, and we should not have to go researching just to find them.

Shop Smart provides this information and so much more. Every issue is chock full of facts that you have always wanted to know, and then just as much that you had no idea that you needed to know. If you trust Consumer Reports, and you should, then you can really trust in the accessible and educational information in Shop Smart.