Five Essential Pieces of Safety Equipment for Workers

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Every construction company owner wants workers to stay safe. Construction companies often find themselves working with dangerous tools and heavy machinery. It is essential to do everything possible to keep employees safe. Injured workers not only slow down completion of a project, they could wind up taking your company to court. Therefore, keeping employees properly protected is a must. Items including reflective pants for work help reduce the number of worker injuries suffered each year. In this post, you will learn why certain items are essential for workers to stay safe.

  • Safety Shoes An average person will walk about 10,000 steps per day while construction workers can triple that amount. Improper footwear in the construction world can cause a vast number of problems. Many construction workers wear boots with steel placed around the toe. Steel toed boots offer protection against falling items. One study found that about $70 is spent on footwear for construction employees per year. Safety shoes keep workers safe from slipping and sliding during a project. These shoes work well for keeping workers safe in potentially icy conditions.
  • Attire for Increased Visibility: Many workers across the nation are fixing its many roadways. Roads, both large and small, are being maintained by construction workers every day. High visibility workwear is essential to ensure all employees are visible to drivers. In some situations, roadwork may need to be done near automobiles at peak traffic hours. Reflective pants for work help keep employees visible from oncoming traffic. Reflective items use bright and reflective colors to increase visibility.
  • Eye Protection: A construction site can be notoriously rough on the eyes, if they aren’t properly protected. Protective eyewear keeps works safe from dust, rocks, and other elements. It is essential that workers are always able to see clearly in front of them. Workers without proper eye protection could find it hard to see where they are going. Eye protection is one of the most important elements of safety workwear. Using power tools and being in outdoor conditions make for situations where workers must keep their eyes heavily guarded.
  • Heavy Duty Rain Gear: Construction workers know that weather can change at any time. It is essential to have workers prepared for conditions with rain attire. These clothes will provide protection against wet clothes. Wearing soaked clothes can cause a drop in body temperature and increase the risk of workers getting sick. The last thing a construction company owner wants is a large group of sick workers. Rain gear is especially popular in areas known for their tropical climates.
  • Ear Protection: Many construction sites are especially noisy environments. Power tools are often used in multiple areas to work on a project. In turn, these noises could lead to hearing problems for unprotected workers. You can easily find protective earwear online to provide for your employees. Hearing loss can sometimes occur very quickly which means providing protective equipment right away is essential. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers should spend no more than 8 hours around sound levels at 85 decibels.
  • In closing, there are many pieces of safety equipment that workers need. Keeping workers feet well protected is vital. Protective footwear features durability and slip protection that construction workers need. Some projects will have workers near areas of potentially high traffic. High visibility workwear is crucial for having visible employees at all time. Items including reflective pants for work keep roadside workers safe every day. Rain gear is used to keep workers safe from wearing wet clothes all day. Eye and ear protection are used to keep workers safe from flying debris and loud noises, respectively.

    The Recognizable Rise of Black American Celebrities in America

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    Harvard Business School did a study in 2011 which concluded that signing a big-name endorser increases a company’s sale by $10 million annually and is a catalyst for a 0.25% increase in stock returns. Entertainment news is big business. Black American entertainers are a big part of current celebrity news.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show aired for 25 seasons, from 1986 to 2011. With its placement on 120 channels and an audience of 10 million people, the show grossed $125 million by the end of its first year, of which Winfrey received $30 million. Will Smith is one of the film industry’s most highly paid actors according to black celebrity news. Nearly all of his films have grossed over $100 million.

    As of 2010 Black Entertainment Television (BET) was the most prominent television network targeting young black-American audiences. It was the leading provider of black American cultural and entertainment based programming. BET is viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide

    According to Census Bureau data, more than 45 million African Americans live in the U.S. That is about 15% of the nation’s population. Black Americans are rising in popularity today in entertainment and other industries. Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr is an American professional boxer and promoter. In 2014-2015, he was the highest celebrity earner, with an annual income of 300 million U.S. dollars.

    Other Black celebrity news includes the likes of Tyra Banks, who is the first African American to be featured in Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1996 as well as appearing on the cover of CQ in February 1996.

    Black celebrity news reveals that one of the most successful female music artists in the world is Beyonce. She has an estimated net worth of $450 million. Her husband Jay Z, has a net worth of $650 million, which brings their collective wealth to $1 billion. Jay Z earned his 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with The Blueprint 3. He beat out Elvis, for the record of most number one albums by a solo artist.

    These black-American celebrities support causes which tend to be higher among 18-36 year-olds (27%) than older Americans. Only 10% of mature peoples (68+) claim to support a cause due to a celebrities actions. More mature people are aware of Denzel Washington who has won two Oscars. He is one of the few black actors to have won an Academy award and became the second in history after Sidney Poitier who won his in 1963.

    Your Hair Removal Options This Summer


    As we head into warm summer temperatures, we focus more on hair removal techniques. The warmer weather brings out the shorts and tank tops, making hair removal more important. Before you go out and buy that bulk package of razors that never quite get the job done, consider your alternative hair removal options. These cosmetic hair removal procedures save you time, money, and leave you with smooth and hairless parts.

    Waxing is not a new hair removal method. However, the procedures have changed. Waxing was once a painful and uncomfortable process. Although there is always likely to be some amount of discomfort present with waxing, the newer methods have made them more bearable. Waxing body hair is probably the second most common form of hair removal, behind that of shaving. Waxing does last a little longer than shaving does, but it can leave uncomfortable bumps and you may require multiple wax sessions throughout the summer. Women who opt for a full Brazilian wax may have other uncomfortable reactions, as well.

    Threading is a newer form of hair removal. It involves thin threads that are placed together to pull the hairs out. It is similar to tweezing, except it is done in a planned and artful form. Threading is not ideal for larger body parts with a lot of hair, but it is a great option for facial hair, especially eyebrows. Eyebrow treading usually lasts as long as you would expect tweezing to. You can also use threading to remove pesky facial hairs that keep coming back.

    Laser hair removal
    Laser hair removal has become popular over the last couple of years. Laser hair removal requires a couple of procedures, where the technician will run the laser over the body part. The lasers stop the root from growing hair. This is one of the longest lasting forms of hair removal, and thus, is one of the most preferred. Even though you have to schedule laser hair removal sessions every 4 to 8 weeks, this is the longest period in between any other type of hair removal.

    According to a recent survey conducted by Celibre Medical Corporation, 97% of women who removed unwanted hair using lasers say that are satisfied with the outcome. Laser hair removal is also one of the most common cosmetic procedures for women. Cosmetic industry figures finds that laser hair removal is the most popular aesthetic procedure for women under the age of 35, and is second only to Botox for women over 35 years old.

    The costs of laser hair removal
    While many women enjoy the lasting benefits of laser hair removal, many worry about the costs. Laser hair removal is more expensive than shaving, waxing, or threading. However, you have to think about the costs saved by not having to purchase shaving materials. Over the course of a lifetime, American women who shave will spend, on average, more than ten thousand dollars and nearly two entire months of their lives simply managing unwanted hair. Some would even say that the costs of laser hair removal are worth the wasted time spent.

    Hair removal procedures and techniques tend to increase during the spring and summer months. As you begin to prepare for your smooth legs this summer, thing about the amount of money and time you are spending on your hair removal methods. Are there any methods that might be more efficient or affordable? Laser hair removal procedures tend to produce great results that allow you to go many weeks, sometimes months in between procedures. The process is also more comfortable than other hair removal techniques. Finally, you will be able to enjoy your summer, rather than focusing on hair removal techniques that simply do not work.

    Are You Ready to Purchase New Furniture for Your Home?

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    You finally feel like a grown up.
    Five years after graduating from college and entering the work force, you feel like you are getting a handle on the adulting that you have been doing. And while it should have been the part about getting a full time job in your chosen career, or the time when you and your fiance tied the knot, or the fact that you both signed your name on a 15 year mortgage on your first home that made you feel like a full fledged adult, that was not the case. This whole feeling of being an adult did not occur because of any of the major transitions in life; instead, it happened when you and your husband decided to purchase high end living room furniture for your newly remodeled first floor kitchen and great room.
    Somewhere between looking at the Italian made furniture for the new breakfast area and the luxury Italian sofas, it happened. The high end furnishings somehow helped you make the transition from someone who was pretending to be an adult to a 24 year old who has moved into the realm of adulthood. It was a strange push into the real world, but that high end living room furniture was exactly the transition that you needed.
    Luxury Home Brands Can Help You Update Your Living Spaces

    If you walk through your house right now what do you see? Is your home full of tired and outdated pieces that no longer reflect your current station in life? The sofa that you purchased 20 years ago and have moved into two different homes is looking worn, and the leather recliners have seen a better day. And while you have traded in cars three times since the time that you purchased that sofa, you simply have not made the effort needed to update your home. And while the new cars that you drive serve an important function in your life, the furniture in your home is used far more often, by many more friends and family, than any of the cars that you have purchased.
    If you are like many Americans, it may be time to discard those pieces that have been in your home too long and make sone purchases of high end living room furniture and other pieces for your home that more closely reflect your current status.

    • Millennials are an important part of today’s economy. In fact, while their share of all buyers in 2012 was a mere 14%, by 2014 Millennials comprised 37% of all the households that were buying furniture and bedding. This increase now makes them the largest generation buying in today’s economy.
    • Approximately 66% of consumers indicate that features, design, and quality of product or service are the leading factors that determined brand loyalty. When it comes to purchasing high end living room furniture, for example, thoughtful consumers often invest in the most well respected brands.
    • Kids and pets can be hard on furniture. When your children are grown, however, and you have transitioned into a home that no longer has a house full of pets, it may be time to update the furnishings in your home.
    • Every product in America is making the move toward offerings that are easier to maintain and care for, as well as products that are more environmentally friendly. In fact, high end brands that are attempting to attract the discerning customer are using organic prime materials and fabrics to meet the concerns of environmentally conscious consumers.

    • After a home and a car, furniture is usually the third most expensive purchase a person will ever buy.

    • Consumer trends can be effected by the latest popular colors and fabrics, but high end quality pieces are always worth the investment.
    • Homes that are full of worn and outdated furnishing pieces send the message that you do not value appearances.
    • As many as 60% of high-end home furnishings customers look for items that make them feel both calm and comfortable.
    • New, updated furniture pieces can help you better enjoy your most often used home spaces.
    • Global luxury furniture markets are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 4% between the years 2015 and 2019.
    • Estimates indicate that furniture and home furnishings stores generated about $101.41 billion in 2013.

    Ways You Can Help Military Families

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    When it comes to helping military families there are several ways you can help those who are serving abroad and have families still in the state. It really not as difficult as some may think. While many people are dealing with a very hectic personal and professional schedule, there are still some great ways to squeeze in a few acts of kindness here and there. Helping military families is also a great way to remember and pay tribute to those who?ve lost their lives serving the country.

    Let take a closer look at some the many ways you can go about helping military families today or whenever you have the time.

    You Can Volunteer to Place The Flag On A Grave Site
    One of the most charitable donations you can make helping military families is to simply take the time to place flags on the graves of fallen soldiers for the families.

    Take The Time To Reach Out To A Military Family Near Your Area
    Make friends with those who may still have a family member or two in service. This might be a hard time for them having the loved ones gone for so long. It?s always nice to see a friendly face who?s willing to comfort and help you in your time of need. Take them to some sort of activity that will cheer them up and keep them positive. The point is to keep their minds of the challenges that they may face while having a spouse, child, or parent deployed. Get to know them and find out the different ways you can help them cope with the process. Helping military families can really be as simple as just donating your time rather than making donations for nonprofit organizations.

    Foster A Pet That Belongs To A Serviceman
    There are national military pet services that help servicemen who are deployed find a nice family that are willing to take care of their pets while they are gone. This can be done during basic training or when they are deployed for short term to long term service. If you are able to take care of a military pet it would be a great act of kindness to the servicemen or women who are deployed.

    Write A Letter To A Military Serviceman
    You?d be surprised at how far a letter will go in bringing a smile and positive energy towards a military family. While those in service may not be able to pen a letter every time it?s nice to have someone in the states who understands and is willing to go out of their way in helping a military family by writing an open letter expressing their appreciation. The holidays are the best times for this and it can only take you just a few minutes out of your day to show support for military families and their loved ones.