Are You Ready to Purchase New Furniture for Your Home?

By | June 6, 2017

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You finally feel like a grown up.
Five years after graduating from college and entering the work force, you feel like you are getting a handle on the adulting that you have been doing. And while it should have been the part about getting a full time job in your chosen career, or the time when you and your fiance tied the knot, or the fact that you both signed your name on a 15 year mortgage on your first home that made you feel like a full fledged adult, that was not the case. This whole feeling of being an adult did not occur because of any of the major transitions in life; instead, it happened when you and your husband decided to purchase high end living room furniture for your newly remodeled first floor kitchen and great room.
Somewhere between looking at the Italian made furniture for the new breakfast area and the luxury Italian sofas, it happened. The high end furnishings somehow helped you make the transition from someone who was pretending to be an adult to a 24 year old who has moved into the realm of adulthood. It was a strange push into the real world, but that high end living room furniture was exactly the transition that you needed.
Luxury Home Brands Can Help You Update Your Living Spaces

If you walk through your house right now what do you see? Is your home full of tired and outdated pieces that no longer reflect your current station in life? The sofa that you purchased 20 years ago and have moved into two different homes is looking worn, and the leather recliners have seen a better day. And while you have traded in cars three times since the time that you purchased that sofa, you simply have not made the effort needed to update your home. And while the new cars that you drive serve an important function in your life, the furniture in your home is used far more often, by many more friends and family, than any of the cars that you have purchased.
If you are like many Americans, it may be time to discard those pieces that have been in your home too long and make sone purchases of high end living room furniture and other pieces for your home that more closely reflect your current status.

  • Millennials are an important part of today’s economy. In fact, while their share of all buyers in 2012 was a mere 14%, by 2014 Millennials comprised 37% of all the households that were buying furniture and bedding. This increase now makes them the largest generation buying in today’s economy.
  • Approximately 66% of consumers indicate that features, design, and quality of product or service are the leading factors that determined brand loyalty. When it comes to purchasing high end living room furniture, for example, thoughtful consumers often invest in the most well respected brands.
  • Kids and pets can be hard on furniture. When your children are grown, however, and you have transitioned into a home that no longer has a house full of pets, it may be time to update the furnishings in your home.
  • Every product in America is making the move toward offerings that are easier to maintain and care for, as well as products that are more environmentally friendly. In fact, high end brands that are attempting to attract the discerning customer are using organic prime materials and fabrics to meet the concerns of environmentally conscious consumers.

  • After a home and a car, furniture is usually the third most expensive purchase a person will ever buy.

  • Consumer trends can be effected by the latest popular colors and fabrics, but high end quality pieces are always worth the investment.
  • Homes that are full of worn and outdated furnishing pieces send the message that you do not value appearances.
  • As many as 60% of high-end home furnishings customers look for items that make them feel both calm and comfortable.
  • New, updated furniture pieces can help you better enjoy your most often used home spaces.
  • Global luxury furniture markets are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 4% between the years 2015 and 2019.
  • Estimates indicate that furniture and home furnishings stores generated about $101.41 billion in 2013.