3 Pieces of Celebrity Gossip You Have to Know About

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There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea, and by tea, I mean gossip so juicy you don’t even know what to do with it. Have you ever heard a piece of gossip that just made you think, “I have to go tell someone!” If you’re someone who loves to follow celebrity gossip, you’re in for some good info today.

When some people are stressed, they go to the gym or they go shopping for some retail therapy. Some of us, one the other hand, prefer to read through the latest celebrity gossip and urban news. There’s just something about black celeb gossip that can make any day better.

Here are some interesting pieces of urban news that you should know today!

1. Cardi B’s album is dropping

If you’re a Cardi B fan, then you’re going to love this: the artist is dropping her album next week on April 6. The st Continue reading

5 Smart Ways to Prevent Wrinkles From Forming

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Something that many people fear throughout their life is seeing wrinkles begin to form. Fortunately, there are many treatments and procedures that someone can undergo in order to remove the appearance of wrinkles. With that in mind, it’s understandable to wonder how to prevent wrinkles before they start appearing. Before you decide to purchase another anti aging product, consider utilizing a few important tips to help stop signs of aging from occurring. Considering that, here are five great tips to utilize in order to prevent wrinkles.

  1. Wear Sunscreen While You’re Outside

    One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles from forming on your skin is to wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 or higher. That being said, statistics have found that p Continue reading

5 Creative and Unique Proposal Ideas You Must Read

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When two people fall in love, the day will approach where many men make the decision to propose to that special someone. Statistics show that 61% of men consult with their girlfriends before making any type of purchasing decision relating to an engagement ring. If you don’t plan on consulting with your girlfriend, one tip to learn is that statistics show that 75% of brides in the United States wear wedding rings made from gold and diamonds. Regardless of whether you speak with your girlfriend about the wedding she will receive, it’s important that you make your proposal special and unique. With that in mind, here are five crea Continue reading

A Guide to Custom Wedding Rings

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When it comes to the jewelry store and custom wedding rings, things can get quite confusing. this is especially so for people who are planning on getting engaged. When someone wants to get engaged and married, they have to make sure they are getting a ring that has great value and a great look.

There are so many emotions that go into getting diamond jewelry and custom wedding rings. That is important because this level of relationship involves two people who care deeply about one another. This raises the stakes for everyone involved and makes the ring buyer feel great pressure in terms of finding great custom wedding rings.

Specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the jewelry industry?s sales in t Continue reading

The History Of Silver How A Precious Metal Came To Be Used In Jewelry, Candlesticks And Batteries

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Silver is one of the world’s most brilliant metals.

There’s something about its luster that speaks to the deepest parts of our soul, inviting our innermost curiosity and rewarding the artist hidden within us all. Whether you want to sell your antique silver or obtain a few sterling candlesticks for your dining room, knowing about what this metal has to offer your life is the first step toward guaranteeing quality. Silver is a metal with a long and fascinating history that only continues to grow with every new day. It’s not just beautiful to behold, it can be applied to a number of day-to-day applications.

People will buy antique jewelry as gifts or silver plated tea Continue reading