3 Pieces of Celebrity Gossip You Have to Know About

By | March 27, 2018

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There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea, and by tea, I mean gossip so juicy you don’t even know what to do with it. Have you ever heard a piece of gossip that just made you think, “I have to go tell someone!” If you’re someone who loves to follow celebrity gossip, you’re in for some good info today.

When some people are stressed, they go to the gym or they go shopping for some retail therapy. Some of us, one the other hand, prefer to read through the latest celebrity gossip and urban news. There’s just something about black celeb gossip that can make any day better.

Here are some interesting pieces of urban news that you should know today!

1. Cardi B’s album is dropping

If you’re a Cardi B fan, then you’re going to love this: the artist is dropping her album next week on April 6. The star shared the album cover artwork and some info about when it was dropping on her Instagram feed today. If you need some new music, you’ll be glad your girl is coming out with some new hits.

2. Azealia Banks isn’t about March For Our Lives

This past weekend, marches took place across the country to protest gun laws and raise awareness about how we can protect students who are going to school. She expressed that she didn’t agree with the marches, saying “Let the liberals and the conservatives battle it out… tired of helping left white America fight for their causes while they ALWAYS turn blind eye to ours. I’m still waiting for a Democratic politician to issue an official apology for slavery.” She wasn’t a fan of the marches and shared that she did not support them, and found what the students were doing to not be deserving of so much attention or honor.

3. Chance the Rapper tweets something woke AF

Chance the Rapper wrote about Heineken’s controversial new tagline, “Lighter is Better,” and brought to the light the company’s marketing techniques and how it is actually racist. In the ad itself, a beer is passed from a group of darker-skinned individuals and into the hands of a lighter-skinned woman. The company gave a public apology stating, “While we feel the ad is referencing our Heineken Light beer, we missed the mark, are taking the feedback to heart and will use this to influence future campaigns.”

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