3 Popular Types of Temporary Tattoos

By | September 11, 2017

About temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos provide a fun idea for any party or social gathering. Your guests get to let out their wild and creative side without being stuck with a tattoo forever. One study finds that 23% of people in the United States with a permanent tattoo regret having it done. Another issue with permanent tattoos is the side effects including infections and itching. You won’t have to worry about guests itching or infections by utilizing temporary tattoos. Here are three popular types of temporary tattoos that are popular at parties all across the world.

Glitters Tattoos Provide a Dazzling Sparkle

Glitter temporary tattoos will catch the eye of any party guest. A glitter temporary tattoo is fast and easy to apply. If you want to ensure glitter tattoos remain in place, it’s wise to pat a bit of lotion on top of the tattoo. It’s understandable that little girls might feel a traditional tattoo isn’t what they want. However, glitter tattoos are the perfect kind of decal to make any girl feel like a princess.

Metallic Tattoos Add Shine to Any Design

Metallic temporary tattoos provide extra visual appeal to any design. Many people began to find out about metallic tattoos due to their popularity at award events. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have metallic temporary tattoos for your next event. It’s common for these tattoos to be colored in silver and golds, emulating jewelry.

Classic Tattoos are a Timeless Choice

You might find that you want more of a traditional temporary tattoo. There are many types of temporary tattoos that are identical to the ones you’ve grown up with. You might find that you’re hosting a party where glitter and shiny objects are not wanted. Having temporary tattoos allow your guests to feel more like they’ve received a real tattoo. If you’re seeking classic tattoos, you’ll still be able to find a wide range of design and style options.

It’s Wise to Find a Custom Temporary Tattoo Provider

You might wonder what you’ll do if no tattoo designs appeal to you. It’s best to find a company that provides custom temporary tattoos. Custom tattoos are made from an image that you provide to a service. Custom temporary tattoos can be used to feature the logo of a company, great for laid back work events. You’ll have a seemingly endless amount of choices when looking at custom temporary tattoos. Another popular idea for custom tattoos is to create them around a picture of someone a party is for. For instance, having tattoos of the birthday boy or girl for guest to apply is a funny and creative party idea.

In closing, there are many types of temporary tattoos available for consumers. Glitter temporary tattoos offer an extra degree of sparkle that looks great. If you’re looking for shine and sparkle without glitter, metallic tattoos are a great choice. Metallic tattoos are often chosen because of their appearance to mimic pieces of jewelry. It’s understandable if you might want more of a classic look for your temporary tattoos. The classic temporary tattoos that you’ve likely grown up are still extremely popular. Temporary tattoos make for a great party idea, letting guests have a tattoo without keeping it permanently.