3 Real Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

By | December 5, 2017

Wedding ringsWhen it’s time for you to buy a diamond ring, there are many different places that you can go shopping for them. The biggest division of these shops is whether you can go to them in person to shop or whether the store is completely online. In-person, you can shop for cut diamonds for sale so that you pick out the stone you want for the setting. When you have found a stone that you like and that is priced within your budget, you can then choose a setting for it.

When you are buying individual diamonds, getting a good deal can be complicated. There are many different price ranges depending on the color of the diamond and its number of inclusions. It is important to take a little time to educate yourself about the many different clarity and color grades that diamonds get. You may wonder, where can I buy a diamond ring? Where to shop for diamonds? The answer is often what you feel more comfortable doing. If you feel that you can choose well online, and that is more convenient for you, you may be able to shop that way in less time than in person.

Why Couples Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Every year, up to 38 million Americans purchase fine jewelry including wedding and engagement rings. While the style of the jewelry purchase differs according to the person buying the bridal jewelry, there’s one thing most types of wedding rings have in common: diamonds.

However, modern bridal jewelry has been changing in recent years. Many diamonds incorporated into modern wedding jewelry are lab-grown. Why the shift? The average bride and groom are 27-years-old, which places them in the age range of the millennial generation.

Despite wild claims that millennials are killing this or that industry, local jewelers are succeeding with young couples just like they always have. The only difference now is that jewelry stores have an additional type of diamond among their types of wedding rings.

But why are millennials opting for lab-grown diamonds in the first place? As it turns out, there are many positive reasons including:

    1. Lab-grown diamonds are safe for the environment. Carbon dioxide is often released as waste by many industries including the diamond mining industry. However, lab-grown diamonds have been shown to emit less than one-fifth of the carbon dioxide emitted from diamond mining. For the millennial generation, diamonds that are friendly to the environment are golden.
    1. Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable. Successful diamond mining, like all mining, requires the presence of goods. There are only so many diamonds on the earth, which is what makes them so precious and valuable. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory atom by atom. This makes them more sustainable than naturally mined diamonds, which gives them another environmentally-friend point for millennials.
  1. Lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful. Critics claim lab-grown diamonds aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as naturally grown diamonds. However,
    lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful as natural mined diamonds. In fact, many people are unable to tell the difference. This is because jewelers are just as careful with their lab-grown diamond jewelry as they are with those made from mined diamonds.

Whether you prefer lab-grown diamonds, mined diamonds, or a wedding band with no diamond at all, there’s a custom jewelry design for you. When choosing jewelry for your better half, just remember to choose the stone and design that perfectly complements his or her unique personality.