6 Ideas that Make Great Gifts for Rock Climbing Enthusiasts

By | November 7, 2018

Shutting off the television and venturing outdoors is the best way to get up, get in shape and get healthy. Choosing a variety of outdoor activities is the best way to keep from getting bored, and having friends and loved ones support outdoor activities can ensure they are enjoyed even longer. While rock climbing may be a more extreme outdoor activity compared with beginner activities, but if you’re wanting to be supportive it can be hard to find gifts for those who enjoy this sport. Read below to find some tips and advice for great gifts.

Mountain Markers

Every outdoor person who likes to take part in rock climbing can benefit from these as a gift. Mountain markers are perfect rock climbing gear for that special person on your list that you are having a hard time finding a present for. These stickers are a great way to show off their skills, and reward themselves for specific accomplishments.

Security Belt

This one may seem obvious and it may seem as though anyone that enjoys rock climbing and familiar with rock climbing techniques has this as part of their rock climbing equipment,however you can find special belts for those hard to buy for people. Things such as a hidden pocket for valuables, or a hidden money slot are things that can make an ordinary security belt one that they will choose to use over others.


Brushes are another thing that those who enjoy rock climbing can add to their rock climbing equipment. These brushes are used to brush off certain areas of the rock that is being climbed. This could very easily be the difference in making it higher up the mountain or loosing their grip on the way up. Choosing the right brush, may take some time. Talk with them and find out what is important to them, and try to find the brush that fits with their needs.

Books and Guides

These are wonderful things if you know where your rock climbing friend or family member likes to enjoy their sport. Guides help them explore new areas and offers them some information before they just go out. Books and magazines can help them sharpen their skills and help them learn new skills that they may like to try on future climbs. These items are things that may not be kept with rock climbing equipment, but will still be used none-the-less.

Solar Lanterns

These can be extremely beneficial because it helps solve a problem and eliminates a problem. There are times when smaller lanterns are needed for climbers, however there are times that extra batteries are just too hard to incorporate into rock climbing equipment. Choosing a solar powered lantern can eliminate the need to pack and carry extra batteries, but still provide a lantern that can be used when needed.

Worn out Accessories

As a last resort if you cannot think of any gifts or are coming up empty handed when it comes to searching for the perfect gift, then remember that some things are not designed to last forever. Also remember that some things last longer than others, and this is especially true for certain rock climbing equipment parts. Purchasing bulk parts that are designed to wear out is always a great option. Things such as lotions for calluses on hands, extra brushes and extra clips are things that can always be used at some point in time by your rock climbing friends or family members. Don’t forget this option if you are stuck on what to get.

No matter what sport is enjoyed, there is usually some kind of gift that you can get to encourage them to continue to enjoy the activities they currently enjoy. Carefully consider what equipment they need, along with equipment that can wear out easily. If rock climbing gifts can be easy, no sport is too hard to find the perfect gift for.