Active Adults Need Comfortable, Quality Walking Shoes

By | January 25, 2017

Lightweight boots

Engaging in aerobic physical activity is an important part of an adult health regimen. In general, adults need at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, and a series of ten-minute, fast-paced walks throughout the week can accomplish this.

Walking is considered to be the most popular type of aerobic activity for many adults. There are over 145 million adults that consider walking to be part of their active lifestyle as well. A recent survey showed that six-in-ten adults walked for at least ten minutes during the previous week.

Whether these adults are wearing lightweight hiking shoes, winter walking boots or trekking sandals when they walk, it’s important to have shoes that fit properly. Furthermore, the shoes should be appropriate for the type of activity.

When people go hiking, for example, wearing lightweight hiking shoes is important. This is because heavier shoes can drain energy and stamina. Studies have shown that heavy shoes can require 4.7-to-6.4 times more energy to keep up a steady pace. Experienced hikers have also been known to say that “a pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back.”

A good pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots can last up to 500 miles. When they last this long, it’s clear they are quality footwear. The average price of a pair of walking shoes was $50.71 in 2014. While there is a range in current prices, it’s important to consider the overall benefits of a comfortable, quality shoe.

Michigan State University Extension states that running shoes may need to be replaced more often than walking shoes. For people that run 20 or miles a week, for example, running shoes should be replaced every 350-to-500 miles or every five-to-six months.

There are billions of pairs of shoes made every year. Estimates show that this number is around 20 billion, and yet 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year. While this is unfortunate, it raises the question as to whether these were poor quality shoes that didn’t fit their owners properly.

When adding walking, hiking, running or a combination of all three forms of aerobic activity to a regular exercise regime, wearing the right type of shoe can’t be stressed enough. Shoes need to provide the proper support and be lightweight to increase stamina.

For active adults, it’s a good idea to have several pairs of each type of shoe, such as lightweight hiking shoes, so that they can be rotated on a regular basis. In this way, they can provide more mileage for their wearer.