Add Some Flair to Your Style with Unique Jeans

By | February 20, 2013

Printed jeans

The word “denim” gets is name from the French phrase, “de Nimes,” which represents a town in the South of France where the fabric was produced first, although rhinestone jeans did not come until much later. In addition, the first visual depiction of blue jeans might be found in a 17th Century Italian painting by an unknown artist. While the novelty jeans like rhinestone jeans that contribute to the nearly 450 million pairs of jeans that are sold every year in the United States are not likely to resemble those in the painting, they can provide lots of great options for individuals who want to create their own unique style.

While rhinestone jeans and other special items, like bling jeans, are not right for everyone, they can certainly help anybody stand out from the crowd. Although they probably are not what the Navy had in mind in 1901, when it permitted the use of denim, even though sailors had been wearing bell bottom pants for years because the wide legs allowed them to roll their pants up above the knee while washing ship decks, rhinestone jeans and other glitzy jeans can be fashionable and creative.

Many might think believe that it was Levi Strauss who was the first to use copper rivets on jeans, but it was actually Jacob Davis, but he did not have the funds to apply for a patent and later partnered with Strauss. Many rhinestone jeans, studded jeans, and womens designer jeans today might use colors and styles that are more glamorous. However, rhinestone jeans and similar items might not even exist if not for the innovation of Davis and Strauss.