Advice for Urgent Care Workers Buying Scrubs

By | July 28, 2021

In this YouTube video, Sara discusses different advice that urgent care workers should consider when shopping for scrubs. Medical students and urgent care workers providing medical treatment will spend at least eight to 12 hours a shift in scrubs, so they need to be comfortable and functional.

The medical worker’s employer might determine the color of the scrubs.

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Some facilities required registered nurses to wear one color, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants to wear a different one from the other two.

The size of the scrubs should fit correctly and be comfortable. Several different scrubs manufacturers are available in the United States, and each manufacturer has its own particular sizing charts. Differences in sizing mean that an urgent care worker who is one size in one brand might be another size in another.

Scrubs should cover the stomach and backside when raising the arms and twisting 180 degrees in either direction. If a person has cleavage, ensure that the cleavage area is fully covered when bending over. Patients have different religious and cultural beliefs, and so it’s essential to stay covered up.

Pockets are essential, and a medical worker can never really have enough. The top scrub and bottom scrub should have pockets.

It’s helpful to be thrifty and save and much money as possible when shopping for scrubs. People might find online prices better than in-store, but prices can vary. Purchase enough scrubs for all your shifts for the week.