The E-Commerce Fashion Industry Is Booming Why Are Americans More Obsessed With Fashion Than Ever?

Taking control of your fashion is taking control of yourself.

Your self-esteem, your public image, the first impression you leave on a potential date or new friend…what you wear and how you wear it has serious benefits for your life as a whole. It’s why people will tirelessly peruse fashion blogs for the latest thing. It’s why going out shopping and shaking up your look is a great way to renew yourself after a hard month. When you start to feel the winds of change at your back, it’s time to let your creativity take center stage.

What could classic menswear collections or designer earrings do to change how you look at yourself?

The Growth Of Fashion In America

Just how is fashion doing, anyway? Let’s take a glance at some industry statistics. The number of potential fashion customers is projected to grow to more than one billion by the time 2020 comes around, with the majority of these new customers being between the ages of Continue reading