Tote Bags Environmentally Friendly And Fashionable!

Count 60 seconds and just in the amount of time two million single use plastic bags were used, equating to one trillion plastic bags in just a single year. Plastic bags alone cost United States retailers a whopping $4 billion on average. It is a well known fact that plastic is not very good at breaking down. Plastic bags can take anywhere from 10 to 1000 years to break down. Quite frankly, that is too long. However, not all is lost! Inventions have come into circulation to reduce, and hopefully, prevent plastic bags from accumulating to an even worse state than they are now.

Take tote bags, for example. There are a variety of tote bags, like wholesale bags and totes and heavy duty canvas totes, that can be used instead of harmful plastic bags. In fact, just by simply switch over to heavy duty canvas bags can save hundreds of plastic bags from being used! A single tote bag can last up to or more than the lifespan of 700 plastic bags. Imagine if every 700 plastic bags were replaced Continue reading