It is amazing how women fashion continue to evolve over time. Amidst all these changes, have you ever noticed how ponytails have a striking resemblance to horsetails or donkey tails? Ponytails have become part of girls fashion which could explain why ponytail caps are becoming popular by the day. Unlike in previous years, women are focusing on simplicity in fashion. In fact, fashion has changed to a great extent that wearing something silly or witty is considered as fashionable. When walking down the street on a typical day, you will definitely come across women of all ages wearing a mama bear shirt, a pony cap or a slouchy beanie. In terms of design, these fashion items are very simplistic but have in the recent past been the trendsetters in girls fashion. It is estimated that approximately 60 percent of women are often faced with the challenge of finding a new way Continue reading

The Art Of Cute Casual Fashion Five Useful Tips For Looking Cute This Season With Little Effort

Back to school season may be in full swing, but that’s no reason not to give your wardrobe a double-check. Mothers and daughters have a lot to look forward to as the year wraps up, so why not do it in style?

Winter hits this delicate balance between being cozy and being stylish. You want to make sure you’re properly bundled up to push back the cold, but you also don’t want to look like a dump! When a mother’s schedule is packed with errands and a student’s schedule filled to the brim with homework, it can be hard finding a good middleground. Fortunately, ‘cute casual’ is a style that will have you looking adorable with minimal effort. Combining ease with soft textures and fun logos, this is a type of fashion that’s being picked up more often in these busy days.

Try out these five fun and easy ideas for looking good during the busy week!

T-Shirt For Moms

You can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt. These can be thrown over a pair of jea Continue reading