A Peek Into The Life of a Piece of Sea Glass

A small piece of colored glass washes up on a beach, standing out from the rocks and pebbles and a memorialized passerby picks it up. Is it a natural gem from the ocean? Is it, as was mythologized, the tears of a mermaid who cried when a sailor drowned at sea?

As tempting as it is to think of these tiny treasures as products of the unknown ocean depths, they are bits of garbage. Before city-regulated trash and recycling programs were in place, it was very common for towns near the water to dispose of their garbage on the beaches because it would be washed away in the waves. As littering into the ocean is now looked down upon in most communities and most containers are made of plastic, the production of sea glass is slowing down and sea glass jewelry is becoming more unique.

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Sea Glass Earrings Can Be a Great Addition to Your Collection of Fashion Accessories

If you are someone with a discerning sense of fashion, it can be quite a thrill trying to discover new and exciting ways in which you can express yourself. Fashion accessories of different kinds allow people to express their personalities in different ways and laying your hands on interesting and unique fashion accessories should definitely be one of your priorities. Sea glass is a material that has for many years been of interest to creators of jewelry and fashion accessories due to the unique look and feel that they can impart to artistic creations. There are different types of beach glass and sea glass that can lend themselves well to the creation of things like sea glass earrings, sea glass bracelets, and different types of other sea glass jewelry. Exploring these interesting fashion accessories can really allow you to sport a fresh new look and impress your peers.
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How to Bring Memories of your Beach Vacation Home

Sea glass charms

Are you looking for the perfect gift or memory of your beach vacation? Beach vacations can be very relaxing and are the perfect place to create some lasting family or couple memories. Most of the souvenirs sold in the local gift shops are generic, a coffee mug or shot glass with the name of the beach. While these souvenirs might be a great choice as gifts for those not on the vacation, they do not accurately sum up the lasting memories of the trip for those that were there. Instead, consider one of these unique ideas.

Take home a container of the sand
What if you could feel the sand between your fingers or toes, anytime you wanted to? You can easily take home some of the sand from your favorite beach in a small container. For now, simply place it into a baggy and then find a better container when you get back home. You could even purchase a logo container from your favorite souvenir shop. At home, you can place it on a shelf or frame it along with your favorite photographs of the trip.

Create a photo album of the vacation
Photo albums are always a great way to remember a wonderful trip. If you are crafty, you might even consider scrapbooking. Scrapbooking allows you to customize the photo album with cutouts and images that describe the personal meaning of the trip. If your beach vacation was a romantic one, you might customize your photo album with flowers, hearts, and favorite sayings between the two of you. For a family photo album, you might include photographs and each person?s favorite activity or part of the vacation.

Vacation video memory
Videos are often overlooked but can be an especially meaningful way to remember a favored trip. Simply video each family member or couple member, at the end of the trip. Conduct the video in an interview fashion. Ask each member what their favorite part of the trip was and what they will remember the most. You can also bring along the camera to get video shots of favorite places, such as local beaches, resorts, or any unique trips. Videos can also give you a memorable option when you don?t want to ruin the landscape of your trip. For example, over the past ten years, sea glass collecting has become more and more popular. Many popular sea glass beaches have been picked over, however, and very little, if any sea glass remains today. You can video the sea glass, without taking any of what is left today.

Purchase a unique and meaningful gift
Souvenirs do not have to be a bad thing, especially if they are memorable. Homemade sea glass jewelry can be a wonderful gift for those to remember the beach. Homemade sea glass jewelry can also be customized into different types of jewelry, including sea glass earrings, a sea glass ring, or with many sea glass necklace designs with either a sea glass charm or a sea glass pendant. Additionally, homemade sea glass jewelry is perfect for both males and females, and both children and adults. Homemade sea glass jewelry is not only beautiful but also comes with a unique and interesting history. As pieces of glass soak in salt water and get tossed against the sand by the waves anywhere from 5 to 50 years, all the sharp edges and corners become smooth.

Just eight miles north of Mendocino, California is a beautiful coastline along Fort Bragg that holds many sea glass treasures. However, you can also find sea glass jewelry and beautiful beaches all over the world. You can create lasting family and romantic memories around any beach. You can also take those memories home with you in the form of sand from the beach, a souvenir from the local shop, a photo or video album, or a beautiful piece of sea glass jewelry made from actual glass from the sea.