Cross Country SkisStepping Into New Territories

By | February 9, 2017

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Cross country skis are different from other types of skis because they are worn when people are using their own mobility to move across areas that are covered with snow, instead of using the assistance of a ski lift. Cross country skiing is often called nordic skiing and can be done on well carved out trails, or across back country where skiers enjoy their own trailblazing. Cross country skis are worn in races through snow covered trails as well.

Cross country skis are available for purchase in any store that sells ski equipment. For the avid skier or winter sports lover ski equipment stores also carry downhill ski equipment, snowboards and snowboard gear, as well as snowshoes, and more. Sports enthusiasts, and beginners alike, will be able to find all the necessary equipment in a local ski store that will make their skiing or snowboarding excursions both safe and enjoyable. Cross country skis and all cross country ski equipment is always readily available.

While cross country skiing is an excellent form of exercise, also gracing the sports arena are many other activities that fit that category as well. Bicycling, for one, serves to provide riders with exercise that involves the entire body, as well as being a very environmentally friendly sport. Many people who live and work in major cities ride their bicycles to work every day. In this way they do their part to help keep the air just a little bit cleaner by helping to cut down on harmful exhaust emissions on the road. Riding bicycles to work or school also saves money on gas. Statistics show that if people in the United States would leave the car home one day each week and ride their bicycles for four miles, to work or school, the amount of gasoline burned in one year would be decreased by two billion gallons!

Bicycle riding is one of the most popular forms of recreation and exercise. Of Americans surveyed, 28% reported that they ride their bicycles for reasons of health and exercise. Another survey showed that 33% of people ride their bicycles for recreational purposes. The enjoyment of bicycle riding can be achieved in a variety of ways. It is a wonderful sport to share with family and friends. There is no limit to the number of people who can take off on a day of riding together. The distance, as well, can be as long or as short as the rider or riders want it to be. Location, or where to ride, is never a problem. Whether riding for health or recreation, there are typically bike trails through parks or even towns and cities that provide hours of safe fun for riders.

In the United States every day there are an estimated nine million bicycle trips. Bicycle riders can be seen traveling somewhere on American roads almost every day of the year. As a sport or as a form of exercise, bicycling brings with it many benefits. It is a workout that fits in well with almost everyone’s schedule, and it can even replace a daily commute. It is true that for a variety of reasons bicycling to and from work is not a good fit for everyone, but it is a wonderful option for those whose lifestyle handles it well.

People who live in locations where riding a bicycle works even better for them than driving a car can simply buy themselves a bike for transportation purposes. The money saved on car payments, insurance, gas, and repairs is obviously a draw. And here is something else to consider. Research done not long ago showed that spending time riding a bike actually sharpens a person’s thinking skills. While riding, the nerve cells in the brain are firing, creating a domino effect throughout the brain. It is proven that this type of exercise improves concentration and information retention.

Because of the growing popularity of bicycling, many town and city governments are calling for renovation projects on trails in order to provide safe places for people to ride. And because of the availability of safe trails steeped with natural attractions along the way, more people are considering the ride. It is a win-win situation!