Diamonds or Gemstones in Your Engagement Ring?

By | August 3, 2018

In any given year, 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry, including engagement rings. The tradition of giving a fiancée an engagement ring was introduced by Maximilian of Austria in 1477. An engagement ring is given to someone at the time of a marriage proposal. It is a sign of love and ongoing commitment. According to Bride Box, having a ring on her finger will indicate to the world that she is taken and is committed to her partner.

Engagement rings range dramatically in size, price, and extravagance, but the most common is a diamond or gemstone atop a nice band. With so many options, take time and explore all options to find your perfect ring.

After the engagement comes the wedding, therefore wedding rings are needed. Wedding rings are exchanged on the day of the wedding and they are typically simple bands and do not have a center diamond or prominent gemstone. According to Bride Box, the circular shape of a ring represents eternity and infinity, and the hole through the ring signifies a doorway leading to events in the future, according to bride box.

A wedding ring or wedding ring sets are typically less expensive than buying a single engagement ring and wedding rings separately. Consider wedding rings sets with both the engagement and wedding ring band and setting included.

Diamonds: Still a Girl’s’ Best Friend

Some 130 million carats of diamonds – around 26 thousand kilograms – are produced from mines worldwide. Diamonds are traditionally partnered with different band options for engagement rings. The diamonds are cut in different shapes and styles and fitted according to your preference but the classic gold and diamond combination remains popular. About 75% of American brides receive engagement rings made from gold and diamonds. These rings, depending on the diamond, cut and carat, can cost from hundreds to millions of dollars. There are four factors that determine the value of a diamond: color, carat, clarity, and cut.

Colorful Tones With Gemstones

When it comes to rings, diamonds aren’t every girl’s best friend. Women and couples all over are opting for colorful gemstones instead of just diamonds. Gemstone engagement rings or wedding ring sets allow you to purchase a larger gem at a modest price. As with diamond rings, there are countless options for gemstone engagement rings including different cuts, colors, and tones. Sapphire is a common gemstone available in a wide range of colors and accentuate and pair beautifully with diamonds.

Because diamonds are the most expensive of gems, choosing to feature a colored gemstone rather than a diamond in your ring can be financially and aesthetically pleasing. For gemstones, color is the most important factor, and there are three factors that related to it: hue, tone, and saturation.

Diamonds and gemstones both provide beautiful and quality options for your jewelry needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a deep blue sapphire or a princess cut diamond. There are different kind gemstones and diamonds to pick from to create the perfect engagement or wedding ring sets for your loved one.