Does Your Community Have Used Clothing Pick Up Options?

By | May 9, 2017

Charitable donations

Today’s fashion industry is a booming one. With new trends appearing and fading faster than just about anyone can keep up with, it can be intriguing to see what the latest styles are. However with trends shifting so quickly, and holding such sway over such a large amount of the population, this creates a few problems that cannot go ignored much longer. Not only does the fashion industry too often feed into the unrealistic beauty standards that cater to such a small fraction of society, but it also helps to create more waste than we should ever have been allowed to create.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying new trends, as long as it is done in a healthy and responsible manner. Back in 1930, an American woman would typically own an average of nine outfits. Fast forward to today’s norms, and many people have 30 or more outfits hanging in closets and stuffed in dresser drawers. That’s one outfit for every day of the month, and more often than not, several of those outfits go untouched for months on end, or even years.

Making a fashionable change

Yes, the right pair of shoes or the perfect splash of color can be fashionable. But what should be more fashionable than anything else is how we treat our fellow humans and the planet that we call home. While that might seem like a major undertaking for some, there are simple steps that everyone can take, any day of the week, no matter their level of interest in fashion. Making charitable donations in your community is an easy way to start getting involved, and start making a positive impact on the world around you. And one way to make positive changes that can have multiple benefits is to donate used clothing.

Used clothing pick up in your area

Doing a quick search to find local organizations that accept clothing donations will put you on the right path for positive change in your home, your community, and the world. It might not seem like much, yet donating clothing not only helps you keep your home tidy and free of unused items and articles of clothing, but it can also help those in need. Some places donate your used clothing directly to those who are less fortunate or unable to spend money on new outfits. Other places offer the items at a lower cost, making them available to those who are unwilling or unable to spend designer label prices. And one of the best parts is that there are plenty of places that now offer used clothing pick up services in addition to drop off locations, making it easier than ever for everyone to donate.

How used clothing pick up can help the earth

Whether you know where to drop off your donations, or you have found the perfect pick up service, donating your clothing, and then perhaps doing some secondhand shopping of your own, actually has a profound impact on the planet. In recent years, the recovery rate for textiles such as used clothing in the United States was a mere 15%. That means that a good 10.5 million tons of textile was finding its way to already-overflowing landfills each and every year. It also means that textiles and fabrics have had the worst recycling rates of any reusable material. Donating clothing, and buying secondhand as well, can help to reduce those astronomical numbers, and help clean up the planet.

There’s really no down side to donating your clothing. You clean out your closet, potentially help someone in need, and keep that material out of the landfills. It’s like you’re joining an important league of superheroes, and with such a simple act! Check out your local used clothing pick up or drop off donation options today!