Everything You Need to Know About Loafers

By | December 23, 2016

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Let’s talk about mens leather shoes. By mens leather shoes, of course we’re referring to loafers. Unless we’re mistaken, we don’t believe there are any mens leather shoes that don’t fall into the category of loafers. Perhaps there are mens leather shoes that are tennis shoes and not loafers, but why wouldn’t you just call them tennis shoes?

At any rate, we digress. If you are shopping for a nice pair of mens leather dress shoes, it’s loafers that you’re looking for. But what kind? Loafers are slip-ons that are free of the chains of shoe laces. These bad boys can be dressed up for business attire or a formal event, or dressed down for a casual Saturday. In fact, there are even loafers that can be worn around the house, as house slippers. If you’re shopping for loafers, how in tarnation do you know which tips is best? You want a pair that is versatile enough to go with the attire you wear most commonly, and provide comfort and quality to last you a while. If you need a little direction, we’ve put together a simple reference guide for loafer types:

The Many Types of Loafers

  1. Penny Loafers
    When we say loafers, your brain probably immediately goes to penny loafers. Although they aren’t the most common type of loafer, they seem to have made themselves the poster child of the loafer industry. When we say tissues, you think of Kleenex. Kleenex isn’t the only kind of tissue that exist, but that’s what you think of. Penny loafers are the Kleenex of loafers. Wow, how’d we get on that tangent?

    So back to penny loafers. Penny loafers are made with a narrow profile, so that when worn with slacks, they give the wearer a sharp outline that says, “business and class.” You’d recognize penny loafers because of their tell-tale diamond on the top (which at one point in time was designed to hold a penny. We don’t know why. We don’t make the rules).

  2. Mocassin Loafers

    Mocassins are often associated with Native American culture, but have become a staple in the loafer-wearing demographic’s wardrobe. Mocassin loafers are slip-on shoes that are usually brown or natural colored suede or leather, with a fringe on the upper part. Mocassin loafers are generally a more casual shoe, worn with jeans or non-business apparel. Some people enjoy owning mocassin loafers to wear as house slippers.

  3. Italian Loafers

    You knew this one was in the pipeline. Italian loafers might not be as interchangeable in name as their loafer-associates, the penny loafer, but they tend to be what the brain goes to when you pictures loafers. Italian loafers are recognized by their metal strap across the top, and are a bit more versatile than the penny loafer. Italian loafers look great with a pair of dressy slacks, but also finish a great casual look with jeans or khakis. Every complete wardrobe should have a nice pair of luxury Italian loafers.

  4. Plain Loafers

    Plain loafers might not be the most exciting item in your wardrobe, it is certainly falls in the category of items that go with anything and won’t let you down. A nice plain loafers matches literally anything, and if you get a good quality pair made of leather, there’s a good chance they’ll hold up in beautiful shape for years and years.

  5. Suede Loafers

    We like to say that suede loafers are the divas of the loafer family. They’re a bit temperamental, and if you get them wet, they’ll be ruined forever. But they have value, and a nice pair of suede loafers really give you a casual but timeless touch to your outfit.

  6. Tuxedo Loafers

    Tuxedo loafers are the shiny black loafers that you wear on your wedding day. A nice pair of tuxedo loafers have a very important place in the wardrobe… if you find yourself at prom on the regular basis. Otherwise, these might be the loafer you need the least. Penny loafers and Italian loafers suit your outfit whether you’re dressy or casual. Suede loafers and moccasin loafers meet your casual needs, tuxedo loafers really serve only one purpose and it’s a purpose that doesn’t arise often.

Did we cover all of your loafer questions? Please share with us in the comment section below.