Finding A Great Fitting Mens Designer Shirt

By | March 12, 2013

French cuff shirts

While many business have gone to a business casual or even fully casual office attire, crisp mens designer shirts with french cuffs will always be en vogue. Many men do not take great pride in their appearance and their shirts are often untucked, wrinkled and ill fitting. Some men wear shirts that are very ill fitting, looking like a child in their parents shirt or like an uncomfortable stuffed sausage.

Well constructed high quality mens designer shirts offer crisp lines and timeless styling. Working with a tailor or high end retailer you will ensure your shirt fits flawlessly. High end wears will even offer unusual or between sizes for men who do not fit the generic mold that department store shirt brands offer. French cuff shirts offer men a classic look and a chance to display some personality with cuff links.

Well fitting mens designer shirts should allow some room around the collar. A shirt should not be a choking device. A well fitting shirt should allow at least a finger or two in be placed inside the neck band without choking the wearer. For 100 percent cotton items an additional amount of ease in the neck of a new shirt will account for potential shrinkage when washed.

The sleeves and cuffs are another important feature of mens designer shirts. The sleeves of a shirt should at the minimum cover the boney protrusion on your wrist if you hold your arms relaxed at your sides. The length of the cuff and amount visible from a suite jacket can be a matter of personal taste and fashion trends. Like hemlines on womens skirts, there are always changing lengths that come into fashion and fall out again. Finding a well fitting shirt that you are comfortable in will always be fashionable. Getting basic white mens designer shirts can be a staple of any mans wardrobe, but do not be afraid to go for a pop of color or a pattern.