From Baby Clothes to Car Seat Covers, Camo is Always in Style

By | February 21, 2013


Military camouflage was developed in World War I by the French and has been a topic of interest in zoology for over a century. The term itself has been applied to techniques and clothing used by hunters, military soldiers and vehicles, and animals to blend with their environment or to disguise themselves as part of their immediate surroundings. The black and white stripes on a zebra may seem like they would stand out but, when a zebra is running, the lines blur and have a tendency to confuse predators. Other types of camouflage include color changing, disruptive coloration, and counter shading.

Today, everything from camo seat covers to camo baby bedding is available in almost any color of camouflage imaginable. Pink camouflage is a popular item for women as well, although it does not have the same affect as natural camouflage does. Camouflage purses, camo seat covers, camo clothing all come in a wide range of colors these days. To find the camo seat covers of your choice that are sure to make your car more visible, start exploring various options either local or nationally.

Camo seat covers are a little more popular than camo wedding ideas but, in reality, there are more applications for camouflage than one can count. Camo truck accessories are extremely popular throughout the hunting community which is one big reason a truck with camo seat covers should be considered a telltale sign of a hunter. For more, read this link: