Hair Removal Treatments, Wrinkle Removal And Acne Care The Benefits Of A Med Spa Visit

By | November 9, 2017

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When’s the last time you treated yourself and took yourself to a med spa?

A spa is a wonderful place to relax, recoup and recharge after endless weeks of work. You can loosen up sore muscles with the aid of a masseuse or buff out damaged nails. One major function of a med spa is also to improve the appearance of your skin. The largest organ on your body can start to crumble under the onslaught of poor diet habits, constant exposure to the sun and a lack of upkeep. At the very worst? You could have a chronic skin condition that’s in need of a professional eye. Spoil yourself with a gift that keeps on giving by considering all the ways a med spa can return you to your former splendor.

Acne And Scars

Acne is a painful and unsightly condition that can do some serious damage not just to your skin, but to your self-esteem. A med spa is more than equipped to help you dig to the root of your chronic acne problem and provide you solutions that last. The year 2004 saw a record high of $2 billion spent on acne treatments and consultation. It’s estimated as many as 40% of children with acne will have long-term scarring. A great way to treat deep pock marks is a chemical peel — these remove the uppermost layer of skin and encourage newer, smoother skin in its place.

Acne can be caused by a hormone imbalance, poor diet and a lack of maintenance.

Wrinkles And Creases

When acne is less of an issue due to your skin type or lifestyle, you may find yourself noticing wrinkles instead. Just like acne is inaccurately believed to only affect teenagers, so too are wrinkles only believed to affect elderly populations. The reality is that unsightly creases and crinkles can be caused by age, too much sun exposure and dry, parched skin. According to studies provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation, a stunning 90% of the visible changes caused by skin aging are due to excessive sun exposure.

How can a med spa help? You can try anti aging serums as well as learn more about the art of preventive care through reducing sun exposure.

Psoriasis And Rosacea

It seems anything can go wrong with your skin at any given moment. When you’re not fighting cystic acne with over-the-counter solutions you’re desperately trying to find ways to restore your skin’s elasticity and texture. It’s estimated as much as 3% of the American population have some form of psoriasis. This condition is characterized by irritated and itchy skin. When neglected in the long-term it can lead to chronic redness and even scarring. Rosacea is similar, but not the same — its name comes from the notable ‘flushing’, or reddening’, of the skin.

These issues can be soothed and managed with oils and ointments.

Hair Removal And Shaving

Another benefit you can find at a med spa is removing stubborn hairs for good. It’s thought as many as one million laser hair removal treatments were performed just the prior year, thanks to surveys provided by the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. When you apply for laser hair removal you don’t just eliminate long chin or jaw hairs. You also eliminate the time you take every week to pluck and buff your way to an ideal you. Cosmetic hair removal is still the most popular aesthetic procedure for women aged 35 or younger.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Then consider booking an appointment at your local med spa.

The Benefits Of Visiting A Med Spa

Treating yourself is a great way of feeling better. For those struggling with cystic acne, psoriasis and other painful skin conditions? You can finally start feeling like you again. The skincare industry is flourishing as of late as more people become attuned to what they need and want. Hair removal is a popular procedure, acne treatments fare best when done professionally and even a consultation can yield useful results that can’t be found online. When you visit a med spa you do more than just relax.

You carry a lighter heart with you every day onward.