How Screen Printed T-Shirts Can Help Your Business Reach Consumers in New Ways

By | June 2, 2016

Customized apparel

Have you ever had something bad happen to you only for it to turn out to be a blessing in disguise? That’s what happened to a lot of people during the devastating fall out of the Great Recession, which happened during the height of the mid 2000s. Hundreds and thousands of hard working Americans that earned decent wages and held secure positions with companies for decades suddenly found themselves without jobs and facing foreclosure on their homes due to their inability to pay their mortgage.

But true to the ingenuity and resiliency of the American spirit, many Americans used this challenge as an opportunity to take charge of their life and their finances in a real way, but opening their own business ventures. Many of these business ventures started out as hobbies that were later monetized out of desperation. After all, once you hit rock bottom, there’s no one else to go but up and above! As such, many Americans that were out of work during the height of recession have now gone onto become owners and operators of highly lucrative and successful businesses. It’s easy to see then how their lives became easier and better in the long run not in spite of the Recession, but because of it.

The road to creating a successful business involves a bit of luck, bit of science, and a bit of common sense. By combining all three of these factors, potential business owners can create a highly successful venture, and a great way to begin doing so is to consider advertising and marketing techniques. Branding your business creates an identity for it and allows your customers to get up close and personal with your products, services, and who you are as a business. But it’s difficult if not nearly impossible to do this if your brand doesn’t have a clear vision or message, and that’s where custom apparel products come into play.

Although digital marketing and advertising are vital in terms of creating a brand identity, it’s important not to neglect good ol’ fashioned advertising and marketing techniques and principles. While having a mobile friendly and well designed website and search engine optimization are important aspects of digital marketing, making sure your efforts in reality match your digital effort is just as important. This helps to create a strong sense of brand recognition that makes it easy for your customers to connect with your brand among a sea of competitors.

Custom printed t-shirts, such as customized apparel and screen printed t-shirts, are an excellent way to increase brand reach and awareness. Businesses both large and small use screen printed t-shirts as means of reinforcing their digital markets. They’re a fun, easy, simple, and affordable way to advertise your business, market your products and services, and connect with your customers in a way that’s meaningful, authentic, and relevant.

Though screen printing and screen printed t-shirts have been around for quite sometime, there’s been a new found interest in the art of creating them. Between hipsters who are taking fashion statements into their own hands, to groups raising money for important causes, to businesses both large and small striving to make their mark, screen printed t-shirts are a great way to build excitement, engage customers, and have create a fun project for yourself!

You don’t have to be an award winning fashion designer in order to create a t-shirt that will appeal to your consumers. In fact, creating screen printed t-shirts is probably a lot easier than you think. Many companies that offer screen printed t-shirts also have expert graphic designers on their staff to help you with the design process and bring your creative ideas to life. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the design, the better and more impact it will have on consumers.

In addition to keeping simplicity in mind, it’s important to also incorporate elements such as color, scale, shape and size. What is your goal in creating this t-shirt? Is it going to be edgy, or traditional? Is it meant to raise awareness or celebrate an event?
Regardless of the design you choose, have fun!