How the Disposable Plastic is One of the Worst Things to Happen to the Environment

By | March 28, 2017

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As the old saying goes sometimes the writing is on the wall when it comes the fate of the planet, the writing is becoming more and and more clear, there are serious environmental issues that we will need to address in a timely fashion. One of the biggest problems that face the upcoming generation is the proliferation of waste. Even though we all grew up hearing that you have to recycle and reuse, many people still have a disposable mentality when it comes to the products that they choose. It is estimated that most plastic bags are used for a mere 25 minutes before being thrown away. This stat might surprise you, but the fact that the average plastic bag can take from between 15 to a 100s of years before it completely decomposes should make the scale of the problem all too apparent.

Disposable Bags are Detrimental to the Environment in Many Ways

Plastic bags do not only harm the environment because of waste, they also contribute to the destabilization of the natural environment directly. Each thousands of birds are injured due their interactions with plastic products. In fact plastic bags are some of the biggest contributors to shore debris. More than ever it is important to keep the Earth mind. There are little things that we can do everyday that can have a big impact on our environment down the line. The EPA has been researching the use of plastic products for quite sometime and it has found that only 2% of them are actually recycled. With all these shocking statistics, it can mean only one thing its time to make a change.

Many Companies are Moving Towards Reusable Wine Bags in Bulk

Not all plastics are created equally. Consider the benefits of using reusable grocery bags. It seems that these have seen increased popularity in recent times, in fact some stores charge their customers of they don’t bring their own bags. Many consumers are interested in reusable plastic products, such as purchasing wine bags in bulk. These Plastic products have a much longer lifespan and can be used again and again, drastically cutting down the use of disposable plastic products. Many manufacturers are producing wine bags in bulk, for use as BPA free water containers as well. Another way to go green as well as stay healthy.

There are several small things we can do each day to help save the environment for future generations. For more information about reusing and recycling,contact your local environmental association.