How to Customize Your Perfect Engagement Ring (And Why You Should)

By | December 16, 2021

An engagement ring just ought to be remarkable. It has to be unique with a rare aesthetic appeal. And this is where customization comes in handy. But how do you go about the process of coming up with a custom engagement ring?

Stone Type

Ensuring you choose the stone of your choice should be a priority if you want a lab-created or mined stone.


You have to ensure you choose the shape and size you want your engagement ring to occupy. You can have a specific shape.

Metal Type

At this juncture is time to determine the type and color of the metal to be used.

The Head Type

Here you can have a standardized head type, and you can have diamonds or other gems on the head of the custom made jewelry.

Shank Type

At this point, you have to determine if the ring you are customizing will be standard or whether it will be round.


Allows you to take advantage of different ways of setting your engagement ring, such as aligning the stones forming part of the custom engagement ring.

Shank Fit

Consider the profile you want your ring to have. You can have a flat edge or a round one.


This is the time you have to give the engagement ring a fantastic aesthetic appeal. Add flair to it.


Redesigning an engagement ring gives it a unique aesthetic appeal. However, you have to work with a professional.