How to Plan an Adult Slumber Party

By | February 29, 2016

Onesie pajamas for adults

Being an adult doesn’t mean that you can no longer have fun. In fact, there are so many opportunities to get in touch with your curious, childlike side and have a blast. One of the best examples of such is a slumber party. And while these events are typically relegated to eight-year-olds with pigtails, it would be foolish to count yourself out just yet. Unlike child slumber parties, adult slumber parties allow you to relax and unwind with your closest friends in a comfortable and casual environment where there are no rules. Yes, this means you can eat whatever junk food concoctions you’d like and can stay up til dawn for all we care. Besides — you’re the adult and YOU make the rules!
That being said, we could all use a little guidance from time-to-time. Here are some of the must-have items for a perfect slumber party:

The Grub
As far as any slumber party goes, you’re going to need three essential food components: savory, sweet, and libations (of course). When it comes to the savory foods, nothing beats a pizza or a gooey, steaming plate of nachos. If you’re looking for something on the interesting side, try setting up you own ramen bar, complete with broth, veggies, noodles, soy-poached eggs, and a smattering of other toppings. For sweet, ice cream sunde bars are always a favorite, as is fondue. But if you’re planning on having something like wine or champagne for beverages, maybe chocolate covered strawberries are the best option.

The Fun
Luckily, when you have friends by your side, anything can be fun. For some added help, hit up a Rebox and pick up a random DVD, or try the Netflix Roulette Chrome extension for an added surprise.

The Duds
Of course, no one’s going to tell you what to wear or not, but in light of the theme, we suggest the perfect attire for a slumber party: onesies pajamas. And no, onesies aren’t just for kids! In fact, adult footed PJs are all the rage these days, lauded for their silly aesthetic and undeniably comfortable feel. Just like children’s onesie pajames, adult footed PJs come in a range of colors and styles, making a pajamas onesies fit for any person, regardless of age.