Keeping Up With Fashion Trends Can Be Tiring Here Are Some Timeless Looks That Never Fade

By | December 19, 2017

Robert graham shirts

Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with fashion trends.

Like the leaves in the fall they come and go, if they’ve ever arrived, and that scarf or jacket you bought may seem downright old-school before your very eyes. It’s times like these it’s worth looking at clothes that never seem to age. Robert Graham is one of many brands that offer stylish and simple apparel that remains constant no matter which bandwagons are getting the most traction. Whether you’re looking for fashionable accessories or want to completely transform your seasonal attire so you look stunning no matter the temperature outside, you’ll want to keep reading.

Today’s American Fashion

Before we dive into Robert Graham apparel and fun fashion ideas, let’s get a bigger picture on today’s American fashion. As of today the United States boasts the largest worldwide apparel market. Back in 2015 the market was valued at an astonishing $400 billion, a number that isn’t expected to dip as fashion plows forward as one of the most appealing elements of everyday life. Data provided by the NPD Group and Stylitics found women between the ages of 18 and 45 owning an average of 13 handbags across seven different brands.

Skinny Jeans

You knew these were coming. Skinny jeans have been rocked on many a concert stage, casual party setting and high-end art show for a reason — they’re a snappy addition to any outfit and haven’t looked out of place for decades. They come in a wide variety of colors and are particularly beloved for flattering the legs. American retail e-commerce revenues from both apparel and accessory sales are expected to exceed $115 billion by the time 2021 arrives, so now has never been a better time to snag that pair of Robert Graham skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing.

Designer Shirts

Want to look good but put in minimal effort? Designer shirts are a great place to start. Covered in splashy designs and with a wide variety of colors, tossing these over a pair of bold jeans and nice shoes can keep you looking snappy no matter how much energy you have for your full-body mirror. According to a Total Retail Survey conducted by PwC, around 40% of global shoppers much prefer to purchase clothing and footwear online. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved, a flattering shirt goes a long way.

Seasonal Accessories

Not all clothes are fit for all weather. No shame in that! Finding good seasonal accessories to accompany you when the weather takes a turn for the extreme can help you feel better about leaving some of your favorite outfits in the back of the closet. Scarves and gloves should be kept close on hand for winter, while a lovely hat can be used across multiple seasons to stave off rain and sun alike. A designer belt can be used no matter the season, making it one of the best additions to just about any fashion choice. Robert Graham jackets can be tossed over any combination to complete your look.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

The best fashion is one that acknowledges the time while adding your own personal flavor. Denim skinny jeans, dressy shoes and casual shoes are all fantastic choices to add to your wardrobe because they offer an old-fashioned approach that never fades. A recent study found nearly 60% of Millennials say they ‘love to shop’ compared to 40% of adults overall. The average woman today also owns an average of 30 outfits compared to just nine outfits back in the 1930’s. Why settle for clothes that don’t represent who you are?

There are plenty of offers online and in-person just waiting for your personal remix. Perhaps you can even start a trend yourself!