Make a Splash on Your Wedding Day With Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry

By | October 15, 2018

If you’re looking for beautiful, unique jewelry for your wedding day, you should consider looking at sea glass wedding jewelry. From sea glass necklaces to sea glass earrings and sea glass bracelets, the options are unlimited. It will give you — and your bridesmaids — one of a kind looks for your special day. This is especially perfect for a bride who’s environmentally conscious — most sea glass is all natural, a product of people carelessly throwing glass into the ocean and letting sand, wind, and waves smooth out its jagged edges. It’s also perfect for a beachside wedding — the blues and greens of common sea glass can fit beautifully with the theme. If you choose to look into sea glass wedding jewelry, you should know what types to look for. Some types of beach glass are rarer than others and can be another unique touch.

How Is Sea Glass Made?
Sea glass has been around ever since glass-making was in existence. That means it’s been around before 2,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Sea glass also isn’t particular to one country or continent — it can be found all across the globe. The North American Sea Glass Association became a formal organization in 2007 with almost 100 members currently.

Human trash has a big hand in the making of sea glass. Before recycling really took off and we didn’t have a better place to put our trash, it was buried under the sand by the water — or simply tossed directly into the water. (And there are still people who will dispose of trash by just throwing it overboard or into the water.)

Over time, the elements would turn glass into sea glass, burnishing and polishing glass into softer edges and its current shape when we find it alongside beaches.

What Types of Sea Glass are There?

The most common types of sea glass are white, brown, and green. These can be found on beaches almost anywhere. These are often from beer or soda bottles or other types of glass canisters. Light green is a bit more rare to find and cobalt blue is harder still, though these are both lovely, unique shades. If you find lavender sea glass, it’s probably from after WWI, when a new chemical was introduced in the glass-making process.

Teal, red or orange are the most rare types of sea glass to find. Indeed, orange sea glass is usually found about once in every 10,000 pieces.

Generally speaking, blue, green, and aqua sea glass are popular favorites for sea glass wedding jewelry, and are among the more common shades, found in every 50 to 100 pieces.

Sea glass can come from anything — window panes, stained glass windows, old medicinal jars or canisters, drinking bottles or glasses, vases, and so on. It can be wonderful to think of the “life” and history the glass had before making its way to the beach for someone to pick up.

Why Should I Consider Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry?

If you’ve always had a strong affinity for the water or for the beach, sea glass wedding jewelry can be a beautiful way to honor that. It’s even more fitting for couples who are getting married right on the beach! Even if you’re not a big water person, sea glass jewelry has a lovely all-natural look to it and there are so many different colors and ways it can be affixed to different types of jewelry. There’s a style that will suit just about every person.

Most sea glass jewelry is also handmade by someone, so there’s a personal touch involved in each piece of jewelry made. For those interested in artisan jewelry or want one-of-a-kind pieces, sea glass jewelry is a perfect fit.

It’s also got a personal touch without being as expensive as say, diamonds or pearls, and you don’t have to worry about the ethical sourcing of sea glass either, unlike with some other gemstones.

Choosing sea glass wedding jewelry for your special day will add a lovely touch to your wedding and provide a unique element that’s all you!