Need Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults? Check Out This 20 Something Christmas List

By | November 22, 2022

If you’re looking for a 20 something Christmas list idea, look no further than this list below! If you’re in need of some great adult gift ideas this holiday season, you’re sure to find something here. From the perfect winter accessories to trendy electronics, there is something for everyone on this 20 something Christmas list!

Custom Watches

Who doesn’t love a good watch? Whether you’re looking for a classic leather band or something with a bit more of an edge, custom watches are always a hit. From timeless designs to modern takes on classic styles, there is sure to be something that appeals to the 20 something year old in your life. On this 20 something Christmas list, we recommend watches that are easy to maintain and stylish enough to wear year-round. For instance, g-shock watches are known for their high level of durability and their ability to adapt to a variety of conditions.

Smart watches are also a great gift idea for 20 somethings, as they can be used to stay connected and monitor health.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have for 20 somethings these days. Whether you’re looking to listen to music or just want some peace and quiet, noise-cancellation headphones offer superior concentration and sound. For a 20 something Christmas list, consider AirPods, Sony, or Beats headphones which offer great sound quality and features like active noise cancellation and gesture controls. You can pair these headphones with an intrinsically safe phone too!

Bike Accessories

If you know someone 20 something who loves to ride a bike, then consider getting them some bike accessories as part of their 20 something Christmas list. From lights and locks to helmets and horns, there are plenty of accessories to consider. A cart is a great addition to a 20 something’s bike collection, as it allows them to easily haul their groceries and other items with ease. Additionally, an extra battery pack may come in handy for those long rides.

No matter what 20 something Christmas list idea you choose this holiday season, the important thing is that you make sure it will bring a smile to your 20 something year old who loves bikes!

Home Bar Accessories

Giving 20 somethings the chance to entertain in style is always a great gift idea. Home bar accessories are a perfect choice for those who like to host parties or just enjoy an evening cocktail. From sleek barware, such as glasses and shakers, to fun gadgets like ice molds and muddlers, 20-somethings will love creating their own personalized drinks.

If you want to make this Christmas really special, consider adding a small bar cart to your 20 something Christmas list! Bar carts are great to help 20 somethings to organize their barware and store all of the ingredients they need for entertaining. Plus, they look great in any home! Consider different styles, like retro gold and glass bar carts or rusting wooden carts for your loved ones’ apartment or home.

Video Games

If you know a young adult who loves to game, then consider getting them the latest video games on the market. From classic console games to adventure titles, 20-somethings can find hours of entertainment with these gifts. For a young adult that loves video games, consider a subscription or a game that they love!

Most games cost less than $100, which is a great price for 20 somethings this holiday season. Plus, there are lots of titles that offer two-player options, making it a great gift for 20 somethings to share with family and friends. Whether you’re looking for something practical or fun, be sure to check online for discounts. Lots of video game companies offer discounts for their most popular games around the Christmas season.

Music Subscription Boxes

For music lovers, subscription boxes are a great way to introduce them to new music and help them stay current with their favorite genre. Consider asking your loved one about the type of music they love, and which subscription boxes would be suitable for them.

Music subscription boxes can be tailored to fit any musical tastes, from rock and rap to classical and country. These boxes typically include a mix of digital downloads, physical CDs, and vinyl records. Plus, most subscription boxes also offer exclusive merchandise like t-shirts or posters with each delivery. It’s the perfect gift toads to your 20 something Christmas list.

Custom T-Shirts

It’s a good idea to reach out to custom t shirt printing stores before Christmas rolls around. These custom t-shirts are a great way for your loved on to express themselves and show off their style. In addition to the design of your choice, you can also add personalized messages or images that make each t-shirt even more special.

Custom t-shirts are usually quite affordable, and with large order discounts available from most stores, it’s easy to get a good deal on these items. You can also find lots of t-shirt printing services online, so you can get your shirts even faster.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, custom t-shirts are sure to bring a smile to your 20-something’s face this Christmas!

Power Tools

If your loved one likes to construct and build things, then consider giving them power tools this holiday season. From drill bits and saws to screwdrivers and sanders, there are lots of options available when it comes to power tools. And with a few basic tools, 20-somethings can create all kinds of projects that they can be proud of.

Plus, most power tool sets come at an affordable price, making them great gifts for 20 somethings this Christmas. Consider investing in a power tool set that comes with multiple pieces and attachments. This way, your loved one can use the tools to work on a variety of projects.

Vacation Getaway

Consider a cabin rental for your 20 something Christmas list! Vacation getaways are always a great way to help your loved one relax and have some fun. Consider researching local cabins or Airbnb rentals in the area of your choice, and book a few days for them this holiday season.

Cabins come with all sorts of amenities, like fireplaces, hot tubs, and gourmet kitchens. Plus, they’re often located in beautiful nature spots that 20-somethings can explore.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, your loved one is sure to have an amazing time with this gift!

Gift Cards

If you can’t think of the perfect gift for your loved one, consider a gift card to a pasta restaurant or a local store. Gift cards come in all sorts of denominations, making them a great last-minute gift for your 20 something Christmas list. Plus, they’re easy to find online or at most retail stores.

You can also look into digital gift cards that can be redeemed online. This is a great way to give your loved one the flexibility to purchase what they want, wherever they want. Other types of gift cards include prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards, which can be used to purchase anything from groceries to clothes.

If you don’t want to hand out hard cash, gift cards are a great way to help your loved one use this Christmas money as they see fit!

Self-Help Books

Nothing is better for a young adult than self-help tools to make them better person. Whether it’s investing in the best motivational books for cancer patients or finding the best books about emotional intelligence, these self-help books can make a big difference in their lives.

Many of these books are written by experts and come with easy-to-follow advice and exercises that can help your loved one get through difficult times.

Journaling and meditation books are also great gifts for 20 somethings. These types of books can help them explore their emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a safe space. They’re sure to appreciate these thoughtful gifts this Christmas!

Spa Day

From getting a facial to unwinding with a deep tissue massage, a spa day is a great gift for your 20 something this Christmas. You can purchase a gift card at any spa or salon in your area, or you can look into spa packages that include multiple services.

Spa days are great for relieving stress and helping people relax. Plus, the pampering will be sure to put a smile on their face this holiday season. Consider asking your loved one about their favorite spa services and then make sure to book those for them when you purchase the gift card.

For instance, if they enjoy getting manicures and pedicures, you could book a mani-pedi package for them. This way, they can experience the luxury of a spa day without having to pay for it out of pocket!


One of the best items on any 20 something Christmas list is a used vehicle. You can visit a used boat sale to find great deals on boats and other vehicles. Boats are ideal for 20 somethings looking to explore the outdoors, while cars can help them get around town.

You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a vehicle that is reliable, safe, and within your budget. Have a mechanic look at it before making a purchase so they can check for any problems or potential repairs that need to be made.

With an affordable used vehicle this Christmas, your loved one can hit the open road in style! If your loved one’s car is struggling to make it through the winter, consider getting them a new one this holiday season.

Winter Jacket

Another great gift on your 20 something Christmas list is a winter jacket. Winter weather can be brutal, and having the right coat to keep you warm is essential. Look for a coat that’s both fashionable and functional; one that will keep them looking stylish while they’re fighting off the chill of winter.

You’ll want to choose a jacket in a material that’s waterproof and breathable, such as Gore-Tex or fleece. Make sure the jacket fits correctly too—look for one with an adjustable waistband and plenty of pockets.

Your loved one is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift when it comes time to bundle up against harsh winter winds!

College Books

For a super thoughtful gift, consider getting your 20-something college books. College can be a stressful time, and having the right tools to help them succeed is important.

Look for books that focus on topics related to their major, such as accounting principles or philosophy 101. You can also look for general education books like The Complete Guide to Writing a Winning Essay or How to Succeed in College.

These types of books are sure to make studying easier and help your loved one ace their exams this semester! In addition, ask your loved one about specific books required for their classes so you can make sure to pick those up for them.

Coffee Subscription

Young adults love coffee, but this habit can quickly get expensive. Fortunately, you can give them the gift of coffee without breaking the bank by getting them a coffee subscription.

Look for coffee subscriptions that offer affordable, high-quality beans delivered right to their door. Many companies also offer monthly subscription boxes filled with different types of coffee and teas. Your 20-something will love having a cup of great-tasting coffee in the morning—without worrying about how much it’s costing them!

These are just some of the many gifts you could get your loved one this Christmas season. Whether it’s spa days, vehicles, winter jackets, college books, or a coffee subscription, make sure to choose something meaningful and thoughtful. They’re sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness this holiday season!