Online Shopping Guide Check Out These 10 Deals for the 2022 Black Friday Date Just Around the Corner

By | October 26, 2022

Shopping online isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, the first legitimate online transaction happened almost 30 years ago. Since then, companies like Amazon and Alibaba have taken the world by storm, and e-commerce is at the heart of our daily lives. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales were about 5.2 trillion US dollars globally. That accounts for the $8.9 billion US dollars that Americans spent on Black Friday in 2021.

Since the 2022 Black Friday date is coming up, this article will give you ten top deals. You’ll also learn how best to complete e-commerce transactions and how you can keep yourself safe online. This should make your online shopping worthwhile, whether you’re getting work boots or shark tours.

Top Ten Deals for the 2022 Black Friday (All Are Must-Buy Products!)

Get some of our favorite selections from this year’s 2022 Black Friday date. The picks here are anything from used automobiles to musical items and kitchenware. Therefore, using this article as a shopping list will help you get an all-rounded basket. Keep going.

1. Electrical E-Transport from Walmart

If you’re looking for green transport for less, get this product from Walmart on the 2022 Black Friday date. Instead of getting a used car for sale, buy scooters. The spending should be anything between $500 and $800, and it will be something to be proud of. A good one should have a powerful electric motor and beautiful LED lighting. It should also come with a digital display.

The biggest drops of this product come on Black Friday, so be sure to jump in on the sale. Getting this lightweight and compact footprint makes it easy to move around. Rest assured you’ll lit up the roadway, and the movement will be glamorous.

2. Christmas Tree from Wayfair

One of the best places to get an artificial Christmas tree is Walmart. Reviewers from the platform say that the fake Christmas trees from Wayfair are beautiful. Although the branches may be fluffy, the quality of construction is top-notch. Getting this tree on the 2022 Black Friday date should save you from the stress of the festivity rush.

Apart from getting a Christmas tree, consider doing your Christmas shopping when Black Friday comes. Decorations and items like draperies will also be going cheaply, so jump on the bandwagon. It’s a great time to fill your cabinets with decor. It’ll be easier than queuing for the same products a week before Christmas.

3. Yamaha Piano from Amazon

A digital keyboard is a brilliant thing to get on the 2022 Black Friday date. To be a pianist, you need something lightweight and compact. Such an item should be easy to carry around from room to room, and you don’t have to find a permanent spot for storage.

Getting the piano will surely help enhance your playing prowess. With all its 61 keys, the Yamaha keyboard is best for anyone, even beginners(like you). Well, don’t feel offended if you are a pro-pianist – the point is you’ll love it! Once you see it pop up as a Black Friday deal, don’t hesitate to jump onto it. We can guarantee you’ll walk away with a great model for much less. Also, consider shopping for used pianos.

4. Women’s Leather Bag from Macy’s

On Black Friday, the idea is to get something for someone, which includes the women in your life. You’ll get a genuine leather tote from Macy’s for $160, which is a great deal. The Phoebe tote is a great everyday bag; your loved one will cherish it for life. It carries anything you need for work, including a laptop. Also, the bag has sturdy handles and the perfect drawstring and snaps for closure.

Apart from the bag at Macy’s, you can jump onto other platforms like eBay or Amazon and get even better deals. The idea is to comb through every outlet and get a good leather bag.

5. Video Doorbell from Amazon

A video doorbell is a good purchase, and you can get it on Amazon. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an excellent choice that will bring the latest security technology to your house. You will get an FHD camera coupled with advanced motion detection. What’s more, you get value for money for incredible features. The deal goes for $30 off.

6. Weighted Blanket from DreamCloud

If you’ve been planning to buy a blanket for a long time, the 2022 Black Friday Date comes to your rescue. On DreamCloud, you can reclock your system, especially if you have trouble sleeping. You will get a blanket of between 15 and 25 pounds with a glass bead filling that distributes weight across your body. Besides, it comes with a removable cover to offer microbial protection.

Getting such a blanket on Black Friday would add quality to your life. You could also look up bedding for horse stalls for a unique option. It’s a great time to find carpets at a reasonable price. So, don’t hesitate to click the purchase button and complete your purchase.

7. Apple Watch from Walmart

Apple is one of the biggest retailers of technological items. Recently, they have released newer models of the Apple Watch, which you can get affordably on the 2022 Black Friday Date. 25% is a good deal, considering that all Apple products are usually pricey.

Aim to get the Series 3, which comes with special GPS capabilities, which are quite useful for navigation. Besides, it has health-tracking features that help improve the quality of your life. It’s rare to find an Apple Watch for under $200, so take advantage of the offer.

8. Air Fryer from Walmart

On Black Friday, Walmart will have the best air fryers for easy prices. For example, getting the Ninja air fryer will give you kitchenware that can cook up to 3 pounds of food. It is completely ceramic and nonstick, meaning you can pop it into the dishwasher when you’re done.

9. Pan from Our Place

Our Place is one of the best online shopping platforms; visiting the site will get you the best kitchenware. Today’s product is the Always Pan, a nonstick pan that has taken shoppers by storm. Reason being? Our Place claims it can function as a frying pan, steamer, and saute pan. Think of it as a many-in-one utensil. It aims to replace eight different cookware pieces in your kitchen. Now would be the best time to get it, considering it is at an all-time low of $108.

Apart from kitchenware, consider going for hot tubs for sale and other home items. In fact, you can do an entire revamp of your interior with these items.

10. Gaming Headset from Amazon

Lastly, the 2022 Black Friday date is waiting for you to get a top gaming headset from Razer. It is an excellent unit with gel-infused ear cushions and a microphone that clears all noise. If you’re a gamer or know one, this is the best item because it is super comfortable. Now that it is on sale, why not grab it? It works with multiple systems well and keeps gamers on top of their craft for hours.

How Best to Shop Online

Now that you know the top ten deals, learning how best to shop online is important. As much as online shopping sites have become dependable, things can quickly get sour. Apart from finding a reliable store, there are other factors to consider. This section gives three things you should consider to help you prepare for the 2022 Black Friday date.

1. Check and Compare Prices

Online stores undoubtedly offer the best prices, especially during black Friday. However, comparing your favorite store with others is important before completing your transaction. It’ll make it easier to know if you’re getting the best deal.

Let’s look at an example. Item X may be selling on Amazon for an amazing price. However, it can also be in stock at a Walmart near you for a lower price. To avoid missing out on such price differences, take time before buying. You may save a lot of money, especially if you want to get many items.

2. Know the Payment Options

To complete your online shopping experience, you must pay. This means you must first choose a payment option that makes life easy. So, before you shop in the said online store, check the payment options they support. Besides, confirm if the payment process on the platform is legitimate to avoid sending your money to the wrong place.

If you can pay on delivery, go for this option on the 2022 Black Friday date. This is a great option, especially if you’re a first-timer and are skeptical about shopping online. All in all, the best online store should make your experience worthwhile, especially concerning the payment.

3. Seek Help

If you’re planning to shop online and you’ve never done it before, learn the process. Many first-timers have complained of making mistakes that have proven costly. Get in touch with a family member or friend who has shopped online before, and they should help get you started. You’ll save time and make the best decisions as you slide from platform to platform.

If you can’t have someone to assist you in person, ask for resources you can use. Some articles like this provide insights into online shopping, while others give detailed step-by-step guides. Since you need all the help you can get, consult all the resources you come across. The e-commerce customer support staff are always ready to help.

Online Shopping Safety: How to Protect Yourself and Your Money

You know the top ten deals and how best to shop online. Before we let you go, we want to ensure that your online shopping is successful and safe. There are many bad guys out there, and the Internet Crime Center says that in 2019, half of America recorded online shopping cybercrimes. These crimes either involve an online purchase where goods did not get to the buyer, or a buyer didn’t pay. For any online shopper, that is quite alarming.

These stats shouldn’t scare you because you’ll get two guidelines here. The practical advice should help you stay ahead of online scammers and criminals. Keep reading.

1. Use a Credible Platform

When you search for a product on Google, you’ll get many results. They can often lead you astray, especially if you go past the first few pages. Be advised to stick to trusted sites like Amazon or eBay. If you’re looking for major outlets to trust, stick to Home Depot, Target, and Best Buy.

When looking at their online platforms, confirm that you’re using a legitimate site. How do you do that? By ensuring the domain is a .com. Some people create clone websites with funny-looking links that can easily fool you, so check the domain before you add anything to your cart.

2. Check the Seller

On many online shopping platforms, you can check the seller’s details. For example, you can know the seller’s success rate and how other customers feel about them. Such information will help you know if you’re buying from a credible person. Therefore, perform your due diligence.

Look at Google Maps or Yelp if you can’t find any information about the seller on the online shopping platform. It should be normal practice to scrutinize all companies before punching keys and entering your credit card number.


This online shopping guide prepares you for the 2022 Black Friday date. Any of the ten deals here should be good, but you can explore all the products on sale. Pay attention to the adverts on different online platforms, and set the alarm. Black Friday this year will be on November 25th, the week after Thanksgiving. You have plenty of time to prepare, so go for it. Saving up through the next couple of weeks is a great idea. Happy shopping!