Pretty Up The Garden With Some Accents

By | February 27, 2013

Garden decorIf you’re like most homeowners, you are always looking for ways to beautify your garden. Of course, the foundations of a lovely garden are always soil quality and choosing the right flowers. Once your lawn is in place and flourishing, garden scaping is always the next task.

Planning your garden and deciding where every element will go is a way to exercise your creativity, but it’s certainly challenging. And actually planting all the flowers and keeping them healthy and blooming are significant tasks. If you need help creating your garden, check out some of the best gardening companies in your area.

When doing the work yourself, you should visit garden gear supply stores. You will find everything you need there, including the best gardening products and items as simple as your next garden hose. But perhaps you’ve already done all that work, yet you still feel like something is missing. You’re not sure what, but you know your garden still needs a certain something. After all, we all want to personalize our favorite spaces. That’s where garden accents come in.

Garden accents are not the oldest tradition but they do stem from some pretty long history. With at least 23 engraved lines a 100,000-year-old pebble is the world’s oldest known engraved object. When deciding where to place your garden accents remember that there was a long line of garden accents before yours.

A lot of garden art includes garden accents made from stone. It is the material that will withstand the elements more than any other material to be put in a garden. Having stones artistically placed in your garden can really add to the garden decor. Most modern cemetery monuments and markers are actually engraved by using sand or abrasive blasting.

Because stone, in general, has been around for, well, thousands of years there is no question that this material can withstand the elements and time, to a certain extent. To have long-lasting gifts in the form of garden accents, engraving them makes a message last much longer.

Garden accents can be made from river rocks mainly because they already have a nice shape and texture from the river water running over them for long periods of time. Being able to give someone a gift that will withstand the elements can give that much more meaning to the gift of garden decorations.

Because keeping an attractive garden is a pastime in the United States it is easy to see why garden accents can be a popular gift among the green thumb community. In 2012 29.1 billion dollars was spent on lawns and gardens in United States households alone. If you are looking at a 29.1 billion dollar industry garden accents must be a popular gift choice. With so many gardens around various parts of the country, what are people going to decorate them with? Garden decorations, that’s what!