Reasons To Consider A Shop Smart Magazine Subscription

By | March 7, 2013

Shop smart online

A Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine subscription is a wise decision for multiple reasons. For one, a subscription to a magazine about using smart techniques to shop that was developed by Consumer Reports, the leader in shopping trends, is smart for anyone. For another, a smart shopping magazine will uncover excellent details about the entire shopping experience, with dedicated writers who are in the trenches every day. Consider a Shop Smart magazine subscription for these reasons and more.

Another reason a Shop Smart magazine subscription is so, well, smart is that the cost is very comparable to other paid subscriptions for magazines today. For a fully year’s subscription, the amount to pay out is very little, costing $40 or less and averaging much more than that in annual savings from utilizing these smart shopping techniques. The tips offered within the magazine’s pages more than make up for the annual cost to get this magazine delivered to your mailbox.

Getting a Shop Smart magazine subscription also entitles you to additional perks, like accessing the Shop smart online portal, where even more ideas are found. The online version of the Smart Shop magazine is so versatile and user friendly that you actually may spend more time online using the site than you do reading the articles in the print publication. Of course, it is quite advisable to use both, but the point here is that the online version is quite easy to use and filled with useful tips and reviews of products.

Paying for a Shop Smart magazine subscription also means you are investing your money in a magazine that does not rely at all on advertising. So in a sense, you are doing your part to ensure the longevity of a magazine that is clearly driven and focused on you, the consumer, and the myriad ways you can save money these days by employing smart and useful techniques while shopping. Every article and every page of the magazine is dedicated to readers and not to advertising or to outside concerns, so the focus is very clear.

Renewing a Shop Smart magazine subscription also keeps you more informed than your neighbors and your friends about great products. Trolling the Internet for this information can get tiresome and ultimately could lead to online fatigue. But with a paid Shop Smart magazine subscription, you can feel like you are holding all the answers in your hands.