Shop Smart by Comparing Two Styles of Custom Engraving

By | June 29, 2022

What kind of gun hand engraving should make a gun look authentic? Laser engraving or gun hand engraving? This video shows the difference between the two styles of custom engraving.

Well, gun hand engraving and laser engraving are the two main methods used to personalize firearms. Both techniques produce superior results.

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However, they also differ significantly in their handwork.

Laser engraving is the fastest way to get gun engravings because a computer does the engraving. On the other hand, gun hand engraving uses a machine that etches into metal, producing detailed designs that look better than laser engravings. The difference is in the imperfections and chasing marks. Some people prefer laser engraving because it produces a smoother quality finish. Others like gun hand engraving because it offers high-quality precision and accuracy. But the real difference is that laser engravers are pretty while gun hand engravers are art.

There is no correct answer. Gun hand engraving and hand engraving are great options for personalizing weapons. One method could be cheaper than the other. Always choose whatever option you feel suits you the best.