Shopping For Your Motor Vehicles in Person

By | January 7, 2022

The video talks about in-person car and motorcycle purchasing and how people can now search for the vehicles they want in person instead of having to shop online. For a long time, the effects of COVID-19 stopped people from being able to do things like purchasing the vehicles they desired. The video discusses the guidelines for motorcycle dealers in Michigan. Some of the new guidelines allow in-person sales and require the customers to go on test drives by themselves.

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Many customers are delighted with the fact that they can go on the test drives by themselves, though.

The safety guidelines are constantly evolving. Therefore, all vehicle dealerships must ensure that they stay up to date with all the changes. Some locations may have to cover the wheels and seats with plastics so that their customers can perform the test drives. Some require customers to stay six feet away from others, and some have to use extensive sanitation practices. Mask wearing is also a requirement at many of the dealership locations. The automotive world is trying to get back to normal one step at a time. It’s happening at a slow pace, but it’s still getting a little bit better every day.