Taking Care of Yourself Means More Than Just Treating Yourself

By | January 13, 2017

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It is the very rare person that would argue that taking care of yourself isn’t something that everyone should do. At the same time, going to a beauty spa for chemical peels or facials might seem like an overindulgence. The real fact of the matter is that there are any number of benefits that come from what might be seen as unnecessary, facials being one example.

Facials can reduce the lines associated with age around the eyes and mouth as well as reduce age spots. As we live our lives and do our daily business, the skin on our face can become dehydrated. Facials help bring life back into our faces by clearing up that dry skin and allowing it to receive moisture once again.

With the use of exfoliation, massage, and the penetration of nutrients and antioxidants, our skin seems to be defying the signs of aging. This makes us feel better about not only our skin but feel better about ourselves.

Another aspect of our appearance that we feel might be more about vanity than personal hygiene is hair in unwanted places. Hair removal can be done with precision, speed, and predictability leaving our skin smooth and healthy in places where there would be the possibility ingrown hairs and even infection in untreated.

After as little as three sessions, most hair removal is permanent. Imagine having those unwanted hairs gone for good and not having to do anything yourself to keep them gone. Doctors recommend follow-up visits every four to eight weeks to keep new hairs at bay but after the initial sessions, those follow-up visits are easy as can be.

Women under the age of 35 have seen the beauty in not only the results of the procedures themselves but in the way the technology has freed them from having to take care of unwanted hairs in the ways their mothers used to do. Hair removal is the number one aesthetic procedure done on women in that age bracket.

When it comes to facials, having one done every 10 weeks or so can treat your damaged skin in ways that you cannot do yourself. Ideally, the gap between sessions is 8 to 10 weeks if you are between the ages of 18 and 22 years old. As you age beyond that, having your facials done once a month would be ideal.

In our modern world, we find a great number of things to be luxuries. The truth, however, is that they might have been luxuries once upon a time because not many people could afford them. These days, facials, massages, hair removal, chemical peels and more are not luxuries but legitimate procedures that can help us look and more importantly feel healthy.