The Image of the Beard Revisited

By | February 8, 2018

Beard oils

Men. The image that comes to mind is a lumberjack swinging an ax against a tree, hoping it will come down. He has big muscles, is wearing a flannel shirt, regular blue jeans, yellow boots. There is a chance his hands will be calloused. They will have the wear of swinging that piece of wood. He is the man. The manly man.

While there is a chance that lumberjack will be smooth shaven, it is more likely that he will have a beard. He will let his facial hair grow until he becomes like a man of the old ages, hunting for food, living off the land. He will probably build a house out of logs. This is the man that men may aspire to be. There are many imitations.

The beard. It is a statement among men that they are physically strong, able to make it through cold, bitter seasons, strong enough to hack down a tree or build a log cabin. Beards, of course, mean more than that, but that’s a good starting image. The beard denotes a certain counter-culture element. They are wild.

Many men have a beard for different reasons. There is the manly man, who speaks in a low voice and hacks down trees. There is the soft artist, who grows a beard because it is cultural to do so. There is the musician, who is likely to do drugs in the backseat of a van. There is the regular man who just likes how it looks.

There are little tidbits on why this could be important. A recent study in Australia showed women pictures of men who were clean shaven, with stubble, and with a beard. They asked those women to rate the men depending on their attractiveness. The results were surprising to some.

Those with beards scored the highest in the study according to which man you would like to have a relationship with. The men with stubble scored the highest in the study according to which man they would like to have a short and casual sexual encounter with. The smooth shaven man did not fare so well.

Men with beards seem to project a protective, manly men tone. They are seen as protectors, capable of stopping attacks against a woman. Whether or not this is accurate is questionable, but that is how they’re seen. Of course, the stubble man is likely to have more casual sexual encounters. That is an edgy look. A sexual promiscuous look.

There are some statistics about the beard industry. They are:

  • Size of the global men?s grooming market in 2017: $20.5 billion
  • According to Euromonitor, the global market for male grooming products is projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020.
  • The largest male grooming market is Western Europe, valued at $12.4 billion in 2015.
  • The global male grooming market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%
  • Male shaving products are expected to reach $18.1 billion by 2020.
  • Shampoos contributed to approximately a 34% market share in 2014 and is expected to continue to reach a market value of almost 28 billion dollars in 2019.

Beards need to be cared for, if they are to look the most attractive, though there are some beards that look wild that are extremely attractive mostly likely to the opposite sex. These tools to take care of beards include scented beard oil, all natural beard oil, beard oil, beard care, beard oil kit, beard oils, and more.

Beard oil is one way to take care of a beard. Beard oil is something put into the beard to make is more lustrous and glistening, rather than just the flat, unhealthy beard which looks like it has been blown dry in the desert winds. Beard oil is popular among some people for its general effects.

A manly man is someone more than a lumberjack. He thinks about the environment, lives in sync with the animals and the plants and the sun and the turning of the planet. He believes in nature, feels nature. This is why he might want all natural beard oil.

All natural beard oil is beard oil that has been made without pesticides or herbicides. It is free from chemicals. All natural beard oil is important for the manly man.