The Importance Of Representation in Pop Culture

By | October 8, 2018

From the latest Hollywood gossip to current celebrity news, representation matters – even if it’s just Hollywood gossip. After all, many kids and even older people look up to stars and celebrities, and seeing people who look like them, who come from the same backgrounds, is a truly powerful thing. African American representation in Hollywood gossip and popular media is just one example of this.

After all, there are more than forty five million people who are considered to be African American living all throughout the United States. In the city of New York alone, there are more than three and a half million African American people calling it home. Altogether, African American and Black people make up as much as fifteen percent of the total population the country over, a considerable number by any means.

And African American people have become very successful in the entertainment industry as well, now frequently featured on everything from Hollywood gossip sites to the latest entertainment television shows. Again, this type of representation might not seem all that important, but it can be more impactful than the typical person ever realizes unless they are in the shoes of a minority population.

Fortunately, there are many amazing African American famous people and celebrities featured on the Hollywood gossip sites for children of all ages to look up to. Take Will Smith, to name just one example. Will Smith is an incredibly popular as well as incredibly successful African American actor – so successful, in fact, that almost all of his films have made more than one hundred million dollars.

And, of course, Will Smith is not the only successful African American actor who is kept track of by Hollywood gossip sites and the like. Denzel Washington presents another great example of a successful African American actor. At the time that Denzel Washington won the first of his two Academy Awards, he was only the second African American actor to ever do so at the time.

And it’s not just successful actors – music industry too has a huge population of incredibly successful African American musicians. All you have to do, after all, is take a look at the power couple of Jay Z and Beyonce. Jay Z and Beyonce have found success together, this is more than true, but it is also true that they have each found considerable success as solo artists as well.

Jay Z has long been a successful musical artist in his own right, and has had a total of eleven number one albums. This means that he has now had more number one albums than Elvis himself. Altogether, he has an incredibly impressive overall net worth that currently exceeds six hundred million dollars and even exceeds six hundred and fifty million dollars at that.

And his wife Beyonce is equally as successful and is currently one of the most well known female musical artists not only here in the United States but all around the world as well. Beyonce has had an incredible number of successful studio albums in her time as an artist and she is still in the process of producing these studio albums today, as well as sharing a life and three children (including twins) with Jay Z. Her net worth is just as impressive as his, currently totaling around four hundred and fifty million dollars, giving them a collective net worth as a family that exceeds one billion dollars, a truly incredible amount of money for just about anyone.

Of course we can’t finish this article without discussing Oprah, a woman who has long been a household name. Oprah’s television show ran an incredible twenty five seasons before finally ending in the year of 2011, and since then she has been involved in a number of different ventures. She gives charitably quite often and has her own book club, her own magazine, and, of course, her own television network, fittingly called OWN. Though she is certainly not the only popular television hosts, she is most definitely one of the most beloved and one of the most prominent in our day and age and likely for years to come as well.

From Hollywood gossip sites to keeping up with the latest celebrity news and ventures, representation matters.