Ultra Rare Sea Glass Colors

By | November 12, 2018

Sea Glass Color Rarity

If you are looking for a sea glass bracelet, sea glass necklace, or any other type of sea glass jewelry, you may be wondering about the variety of colors that natural sea glass can come in. Some colors are more common, and others very rare.In this article I will be focusing on the rarest of the rare.

  1. Orange is the rarest type of sea glass you can find, this is because so few orange glass is made in the world. Orange sea glass colors most usually come from decorative art pieces, dining ware, or even thin red warning lights. Orange, given it’s rarity can fetch a pretty penny when fitted into sea glass bracelets, or other jewelry settings; however, owning such a rare piece can be worth the price paid for the beauty.
  2. Turquoise comes in as the second most rare type of sea glass color. The bright hue of turquoise can sometimes be easily mistaken for aqua colors, however it can be distinguished due to it’s brighter, almost neon hue, in contrast to true aqua. Most of the sea glass is derived from decorative pieces, such as the orange glass, however it can also come from early seltzer bottles that are no longer in mass circulation. This type of glass can be highly sought after, due to it’s incredible rarity.
  3. Red Comes in third on the ultra rarity scale. This bright red color can be highly sought after due to it’s vivid and intense color. It is slightly more abundant due to more common use in tableware and bottle production. It is also commonly found from traffic signals, warning lights, and other red hued utility lights. If you are looking for a sea glass bracelet or necklace that exudes a passionate vibrancy, red is definitely a choice worth considering.
  4. Yellow. While not a popular color for use in bottles, which is where a majority of common sea glass comes from, it comes in forth on our list. This colour can come from decorative glass fixtures, or some can come from clear glass that has been stained due to a high selenium content which reacts with ultraviolet rays to produce a yellow hue. This type can be highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.
  5. Black striking and statement making. Much black sea glass isn’t actually black, but incredibly dark green. This type of glass dates back to the 1700s, when it was a common color to be found in bottles. If you are looking for a eye catching piece, this one may be for you.
  6. Teal most of this glass comes from bottles manufactured between the 1870’s and 1910s, though it can also come from bottles used for storing ink back in the day. Due to it’s vintage status, it is very highly sought after. Even though it is slightly more common than turquoise, it can still make a huge statement when set into jewelry.
  7. Gray comes in last on the ultra rare list, though it is hardly something to scoff at. Most gray tinted sea glass is colored by the sun, similar to yellow. This is due to the lead oxide that was often added to glass to enhance its sparkle factor. When exposed to the sun, it also had the added effect of darkening the glass overtime. Gray can come in many shades, the darkest being the most desired by enthusiasts and serious collectors alike.

If you are looking for sea glass bracelet, necklace, or earring set that will set you apart from the crowd, consider looking into these ultra rare colors to see if they are available to you. You can rest assured knowing that your piece is unique, and has a fascinating history behind it. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or surprise someone special, sea glass jewelry is sure to be a show stopper.