What You Can Do If You’re Losing Your Hair

By | April 8, 2019

Hair loss is something that impacts the lives of a great many people all throughout the United States – and likely throughout much else of the world as well. After all, up to 35 million men alone are currently in some part of the hair loss process, with the majority of this hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. But men are certainly not the only victims of hair loss in this country and in the world as a whole, and a good deal of women are also dealing with hair loss on a regular basis, hair loss that is likely only to progress with time.

As a matter of fact, up to 20 million total women in this country are experiencing hair loss to at least some extent, if not full fledged balding. This can happen for a number of reasons. Alopecia, for instance, can cause hair loss not just on the head but on any part of the body that grows hair. The severity of alopecia will vary from person to person and can ebb and flow with time. Some people might even find themselves in remission of the disease for a considerable period of time before the hair loss begins again.

In addition to this, certain medications like those used for the treatment of cancer are also notorious for leading to hair loss. In addition to this, genetics and age can also play a role in the level of hair loss that the typical woman will experience. And so too can even factors like stress. For many women, the impact of hair loss can be a considerable one, and one that can actually drastically decrease the overall quality of their lives.

This is something that has been supported by the recent research conducted on the subject. After all, more than half of all people dealing with hair loss, men and women alike, said that they would rather have their hair than their money or even their friends. In addition to this, up to 27% of all hair loss sufferers of both genders also said that they’d be more than willing to spend their life savings in order to obtain a full head of hair again. There is no doubting the toll that hair loss can take, especially as this hair loss becomes more pronounced over the course of time.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with hair loss. For instance, getting non damaging extension like wefted extensions can help to cover up hair loss quite completely. And wefted extensions, while certainly popular, are only just one type of hair extensions. In addition to wefted extensions you can also look into hand tied extensions, European hair extensions, and tape extensions. Like wefted extensions, all of these extension types will be relatively easy on your hair.

And extensions like wefted extensions and other such extensions not only help to cover up thinning hair, but also allow the person who is getting these wefted extensions or other such extensions to change up their hairstyle in more interesting ways as time passes on. After all, a typical woman is actually likely to switch up her hairstyle as many as 150 total times throughout her life. For many women, this number is even likely to be quite considerably higher than even this number.

Hair extensions like wefted extensions and non damaging extensions can also help to improve the overall confidence any given women feels with her hair. After all, even women who are not balding or dealing with thinning hair often deal with this. As of current data, more than 65% of all women in this one country alone had a good deal of self conscious feelings surrounding their hair. The application of wefted extensions or another type of hair extensions is likely to be quite hugely beneficial when it comes to changing this and boosting the overall self esteem that the woman in question is experiencing surrounding the overall look and quality of her hair.

For men and women alike, hair loss of all kinds, of all causes, and of all severities can certainly be difficult and even debilitating to deal with. Fortunately, things like wefted extensions can help.