Why A DJ Service Might Be Your Best Wedding Choice

By | May 8, 2018

If you’re planning a wedding, what do you think most people will remember about it long after it’s over? If you’re like most people, you’re probably putting about 5% of your budget towards the entertainment; yet studies show that twice as many of your guests will remember the entertainment above anything else that happens! Wondering whether you should book some DJ entertainment, get a wedding photo booth, or wondering whether there is such a thing as a DJ service for a wedding? Read on to learn more.

  • Getting a professional DJ service for your wedding will make you stand out from the crowd. Every wedding is special, but not every wedding is unique. In fact, it can be hard to plan a unique wedding given how many weddings there are in America every year: 2.4 million! Every weekend, another 44,230 weddings, on average, take place. The most popular times to get married are in October and September, so if your wedding is happening during those months in particular, you’ll want something special that you and all your guests will remember.
  • A DJ entertainment service gives you more musical options. The average reception at a wedding goes on for four hours. Maybe that’s one reason that 65% of people who hired a band for their wedding wish they’d hired a DJ instead. Most bands and music groups are limited to one style of music, but a good DJ can mix it up.
  • Hire a DJ entertainment service or other entertainment now, and you won’t have regrets later. Amazingly, almost 80% of brides say after the fact that they should have spent more time thinking about the entertainment at their wedding. Entertainment may not feel too important before the wedding begins, but once the ceremony is over, the entertainment becomes the most crucial part of making sure your family and friends have a great time.
  • Choose a DJ entertainment service very carefully, though. While it might seem simple to hire a DJ, and in some ways it is, you want to do your homework before you pull the trigger. Ideally, you want a custom DJ package that is developed entirely for your special event. You don’t want a DJ company that repeats the same tired set over and over for every wedding in town. Look for DJ entertainment that can be bespoke just for you.

Music can make or break your whole wedding. You’re probably putting a lot of thought into the music that accompanies the ceremony: are you taking the same kind of time to make sure the reception music is just as perfect? Look into DJ companies in your area that can give make your wedding reception a personalized, and wonderful, experience.