Why Businesses Are Buying Wrapping Paper In Bulk

By | October 20, 2016

Buying gift wrap in bulk

The fact is that the holiday season is a busy time for everyone. For one thing, people are getting ready for family visits, while at the same time buying a good amount of gifts for their loved ones. For another, these same people are often working harder than ever to pay for all those gifts, while at the same time measuring out vacation days to make sure they get Christmas off. If there is anything that can save them time, they will appreciate it. One thing that certainly doesn’t save time for most people is the gift wrapping process. For some, gift wrapping is easy — a simple bit of flair with Scotch tape. For others, gift wrapping is the bane of their existence. They don’t have the time or patience to make a wrapped present look perfect — and it’s easy to understand why. Wrapping a present perfectly without ripping the paper or turning it into an overwrapped mess can be difficult. And the fact is that no matter how much you’ve spent on a present, it can look a bit less impressive when it’s poorly wrapped. This is why many companies that sell presents are also buying wholesale holiday wrapping paper, and offering gift wrapping services as an add-on to a customer’s order. With so many people going out and buying gifts that they don’t have the time or inclination to wrap, having a wholesale wrapping paper supplier on hand may be a good idea.

Wrapping Paper: Our Complicated Relationship With It

Not all whole buy wholesale holiday wrapping paper in bulk do so simply to offer their customers the option to wrap their presents as an add-on. Many companies find that they make extra money simply by having wholesale holiday wrapping paper on sale during the holiday season. Some people really do love to wrap gifts, with about one in four people reporting that wrapping presents puts them more in the holiday mood than shopping does. Still, some really don’t like to — or simply don’t have the time to. It’s estimated that about 27% of people wait until one or two days before a holiday to wrap their gifts, while another 22% wait until five or six days out from the holiday. As wrapping paper is delicate, waiting does mean that there is less time through which your present could be mussed. Some people, however, understandably just don’t want to be bothered. Though an estimated 72% of people prefer to buy gift wrap and wrap presents, 19% are content to simply buy a bag for their gifts. For businesses that sell gifts, having bulk gift wrap around the holidays allows them to profit off of selling gift wrap — or wrapping presents for consumers. Both options appeal to consumers.

Time Saving: Why People Choose “Professional” Gift Wrapping

The gift wrap add on option can be used in brick and mortar stored and through ecommerce sites. It’s usually offered with an extra fee — often around $5 — which allows businesses to profit even more off of wholesale holiday wrapping paper. While some people like the sentimental experience of wrapping a gift themselves, others love the idea of saving time by having it wrapped “professionally”. Furthermore, a gift wrapping add on looks impeccable; many simply like the idea of a present being wrapped well. For those who are ordering a gift online and shipping it to the recipient of the gift, gift wrapping on their own isn’t an option — but they want that extra touch.

Holiday Wrapping Paper: What People Love

When buying wrapping paper in bulk, keep in mind what consumers love. Choose wrapping paper that celebrates a wide variety of holidays, accommodating different religions. You may also want some wrapping paper that is appropriate for birthdays, as well as some that play into the recipient’s gender — little boys might like blue wrapping paper, little girls might like pink. The more options you offer, the happier your customers will be.